‘Sometimes you just have to defend yourself’

Typically we at Vlad don’t like to post too much Israel Vs. Islamic stuff in a day. Islam is a cancer that has metastasized to the entire world so we try and keep the focus spread. But its hard to resist great material when it comes in so here is another one:

H/T EDL Buck

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5 Replies to “‘Sometimes you just have to defend yourself’”

  1. The part it leaves out is at the beginning when the big kid kills all the small kid’s family members and it gets ignored by the teacher.

  2. @anar, in actuality, were you to observe the historical record, it was the Arabs which attacked Israel in 1948, ramped up for years by the likes of al-Husseini, the same one who spent much time in Berlin planning a holocaust in the Holy Land.

    Ah but then, reality is apparently what we make it to be, and facts are now irrelevant.

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