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5 Replies to “George Igler on Ezra Levant on the issue of UKIP, Adoption, and leaping British fascism”

  1. This video gives us another angle which is particularly eye opening. The couple had been members of the Labor Party but then changed to UKIP.

    So it could very easily be said that they are really being punished for leaving the Labor Party and that is the real message meant to be sent to other citizens.

  2. The Rotherham Council has now been admonished by (some) senior British Lab/Con politicos for this decision. The controlling big guns have no choice. In reality they actually agree with Rotherham Council, but this case has prematurely tipped their hand, and they realize that the Brits are not quite brainwashed enough yet to swallow this level of control. Not yet. So now they’re in damage control mode, and have to take the other side in favour of UKIP — a bitter pill to swallow. Now there will be an “investigation” as the council quickly circles their wagons. Nobody will get fired, and this continuous nibbling away at the freedoms (or what is left of them) of the British populace will continue unabated. I hope Nigel Farage takes the council to court for slandering the name of a legitimate U.K. political party. Fat chance he could ever win, he would drown in Lefty bullshit..
    Glad I left.

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