Halal meals at the kindergarden

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

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From Lapresse:

Responding to the nutritional needs of certain cultures, CPEs [Centre de la petite enfance] offer halal meals to all children of which they are responsible.

In response to religious prohibitions of certain communities, among which the moslems, centres de la petite enfance [small-children centres] serve halal or vegetarian meals to all children.

The presence of numerous immigrants in certain quarters of Montreal has incited kindergarden services to take this option.

At the pavillon Henri-Bourassa of the CPE Ste-Gertrude, north Montreal, one in two children belongs to the moslem faith. The administrative council has adopted directives with regard to nutrition.

‘Unless there is a religious prohibition, the CPE can offer to all children halal or kosher food’, we can read in the internal guideline document, adopted last spring.

According to the cases, all children eat a halal meal, explains Jean-Claude Lavergne, CPE directeur general [there’s also a directrice, further down], reminding that catholics, for their part, do not have any prohibitions. They can eat halal as well as kosher meals.

The basic idea behind this directive is integration, explains M Lavergne. ‘We cannot put any community member into a ghetto. We cannot invite them to make themselves distinct kindergardens. We want to integrate them, we want to put them into contact, we want to walk with all of our children, and in order to achieve this, we need to respect the limitations imposed by the exercise of a religion.’

Several years ago, the CPE charged an additional 1 dollar per day to those who wished to have a halal meal. Since the family ministry has sharpened its policy on overbilling, this is no longer permitted.

So since 2007, a halal meal is offered, without extra charge, since 10 or more percent of CPE clients demand it.

As we presently talk about 50 % of the children, it is more economical to serve one single meal – halal – to all children. When pork is on the menue, two different meals are prepared, specifies the directeur general.

One step further, the north Montreal CPE, on its part, has offered since 2004 an exclusively vegetarian menue.

‘The decision has not been taken in the wake of religious prohibitions, but rather motivated by a desire to discover an unknown nutrition’, specifies the directrice general, Claire Kanaan. She, however, acknowledges that this directive facilitates the task with moslem children, who wish to eat halal.

At the ministry, nothing limits nutritional directives connected to religious prohibitions, explains speaker Nadia Caron. The meals simply need to respect the canadian nutritional guide.

A ministerial policy prohibits any activity having as an objective the teaching of a belief, a dogma or a religion. ‘A CPE or a subsidised private kindergarden offering halal meat does not necessarily mean that it teaches a religious commandment’, indicates Mme Caron.

Since 2010, the ministry has received five complaints from parents who wished a reasonable arrangement permitting their children to eat halal meals at the kindergardens. On the contrary, no complaint was written for the reason of getting halal meals served.

This subject can raise passions. The important thing is to inform the clients in those cases where exclusively halal meals are being served, according to StÈphane Papi, jurist and researcher at the Institut de Recherche et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman, Aix-en-Provence.

‘What is really at stake is, according to my impression, the ‘management’ of cultural diversity by finding pragmatic solutions, legally based, and not to erase it, by either refusing cultural, religious, or where they appear nutritional habits, which do not correspond to those of the majority, or to enforce these habits even more on the majority if they are not informed about it’, believes M Papi.


Halal food respects the directives of islam, dictated by the koran. The term halal means ‘allowed, authorised or permitted’. The slaughtering of the meat is to be done according to strict rules. Especially noteworthy, the animal is slaughtered in a halal-certified centre, by a moslem who pronounces a sharia phrase at the moment of the slaughtering. Other kinds of food, like pork and related products, alcohol and meat-eating animals – others than those conforming to halal slaughtering – are forbidden. Gelatine, enzymes and emulsifying agents are seen as dubious.
Translator’s remark:

Why do countries like Canada insist on repeating all the same things which Europe already has found out are costly errors? This degree of madness is not easy to beat.

I found this website on the north Montreal CPEs: http://www.cpemn.com/personnel.html

Their phone and fax number can be found at http://www.cpemn.com/coordonnes.html .

At http://www.zoneparents.com/Recherche-SDG.aspx?r=Montr%E9al-Nord&t=2 , I found this email address: cpem (a) qc.aira.com
Michael Laudahn http://pro-mobile-internet.net/

Editors note:

Giving in to the most intolerant minority based on superstition and provocation is a recipe for disaster. And in fact, this halal food thing being forced upon the majority is indeed nothing more than a provocation intended to establish dominance by Islam. after all, even the damn koran says any food good enough for Christians and Jews is good enough for Muslims.





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7 Replies to “Halal meals at the kindergarden”

  1. I am not sure what to say about this, since I think Islam is a fake religion there ceremony is meaningless, but doing this gives them a victory and needs to be stopped.

  2. I say, if you want to”integrate them” then teach them to accept our customs or bring their own damn food. There is no way the rest of Canadians should be forced to eat the cruelly slaughtered animals “blessed” by in the name of the crescent demon. I for one would be screaming from the roof tops if I lived there. Wake the hell up , you are being poisoned on many levels.

  3. ‘’we need to respect the limitations imposed by the exercise of a religion.’’

    That statement is a complete surrender and endorsement of the philosophy of multiculturalism
    I would ask the blinkered fool who uttered it why should I respect the limitations other people place on themselves due to their religious belief?

    Those limitation and any burden is theirs alone. They have no right to impose it on me or others who don’t share their beliefs.

    Why should we be forced to respect superstitious beliefs which conflict with our own logic or reason?

    Why is it assumed that Catholics or Christians have no problem eating meat which was killed in a manner they don’t approve of, and even worse was sacrificed in honour of a god they don’t believe in?

    Why are muslim sensibilities the only ones which seem to be taken into account? It’s an insult to the ‘diversity’ these multi cults pretend to champion when they glibly announce Christians will happily eat meat killed in a cultish sacrifice to honour a god they don’t believe in.

    The creeping sharia and islamification contained in initiatives like this will result in a country largely organized along Islamic norms in the next few decades, followed by complete Islamic compliance within the next 50 years, if we don’t take a stand against it.

    People put themselves into a ghetto.when they choose to believe in or follow religious practices that place limitations and restrictions on them and it is not and should not be a restriction or burden forced on the rest of society.

    I entirely agree with other posters, let those who choose to believe in Allah make the effort to fit in with us,instead of us changing our entire society to suit them.

  4. The Halal slaughter method (along with Shechita which is the name for pretty much the same method used by Jews) is not cruel at all. When the animal’s throat is slit, it results in a massive drop in blood pressure causing pretty much instantaneous unconsciousness. As long as the cut is performed correctly the animal will feel a mere instant of pain compared to the intense suffering they can go through in abattoir’s with the “normal” slaughter method. The link that has been made between this story and Britain becoming an Islamic State is a bit extreme. The majority of British people are atheist. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try and make life easier and better for people of all faiths and cultures. All children should be offered a choice. That way Muslims can eat what they want and non-Muslims can eat what they want.

    The Muslim community has been passing through a phase of fourth Crusades. The battleground is the field of education, where the young generation will be educated properly with the Holly Quran in one hand and Sciences in other hand to serve humanity. A true Muslim is a citizen of the world, which has become a small global village. We are going to prepare our youth to achieve that objective in the long run. A true Muslim believes in Prophet Moses and the Prophet Jesus and without them one cannot be a Muslim. My suggestion is that in all state, independent and Christian based school special attention should be given to the teaching of Comparative Religion and Islam should be taught by qualified Muslim Teachers to make the children aware the closeness of Islam to Christianity and Judaism which will help them to think about Islam, as “A Pragmatic and Modern Way of Life,” during their life time. Those state schools where Muslim children are in majority may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

    Bilingual Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. The problem is that they learn English in the streets and in the playgrounds. British schooling does not teach English to migrant children. The teachers let them speak the same accent in the classroom. They have no courage to stop them or correct them. This is one of the main reasons why one third of children have difficulties with reading when they leave primary schools. Majority of such children are bilingual Muslims. They often speak “street” with its own grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In other European countries and in the sub-continent argot and slang are not allowed into the classrooms. In Britain primary school teachers do not feel that it’s role to interfere with self-expression in any shape or form. They encourage children to read poems and stories written in ethnic dialects.

    There are couples of state schools in Harrow where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies so that non-Muslim children could enjoy their own meals in their own schools.
    Iftikhar Ahmad

  5. I see that Iftikhar has become slightly better at ‘anesthetics’. The fine art of lulling the infidel back to sleep so they don’t get too alarmed at the total invasion and domination of all of our cultures and the removal of our choices by Muslims who seek our destruction as autonomous people.

    It would take me more time than I have to counter the savage high-piled BS in the post above. But anyone versed in basic logic and capable of seeing the evidence of their own eyes in terms of what happens anywhere on earth or any time in history where Muslims manage to get the whip hand can see through this fairly clearly.

    Meanwhile, on Halal, http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=41428

  6. Iftikhar Ahmed says…..

    ‘’A true Muslim is a citizen of the world, which has become a small global village. We are going to prepare our youth to achieve that objective in the long run’’.

    Is that another way of saying the world should belongs only to muslims and they are working towards achieving that end Mr Ahmed?

    Yes Eeyore, Mr Ahmed is getting sneakier, but anyone with a smattering of knowledge of islamic history and islamic supremacist ambitions can see through this self serving garbage.

  7. I agree with you, Tarbock. Any socalled non-islamic community who is indirectly furthering the islamic agenda should be treated with precaustion and should not be supported.

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