Europeans Continue to be Persecuted for Speaking Out Against Islamisation

Islam Vs. Europe:

17:41 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Thanks to the clever mosque occupation stunt a few weeks ago, Génération Identitaire has been given extensive coverage in the French media recently. Prominent in the coverage has been the intelligent and articulate Damien Rieu, one of the group’s spokesmen.

Until a few days ago, he was working as a trainee at a publishing house in Lyon, responsible for communications. He has now been dismissed from this position as a result of his political activism.


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  1. I just saw a CBC report about the Golden Dawn operating in Montreal, sending money and supplies back to Greece, and branding Golden Dawn as fascists. IMHO they are fascists to the same extent that that the EDL or Generation Identitaire are. One of the Montreal members of Golden Dawn said that if Canada doesn’t like them harassing Sfrican and Middle Eastern immigrants, than Canada can take them. The fact that the CBC condemns them indicates that they are the good guys.

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