Greece: Facebook takes down profiles of neo-nazi MPs

And so it begins. The selective enforcement of suppression of information based on arbitrarily applied standards. While I do believe that Golden Dawn are in fact a kind of Nazi based on rational definitions of the term, it makes no difference. Once facebook or google or whoever starts deciding who’s views are OK and who’s are not we have an Orwellian informational world. Which is to say an Orwellian world. We all already know that Jihadis who preach death to all Jews and the destruction of entire nations based on the ethnicity of the residents are prominent on Facebook, youtube, and hell, their beachheads (Mosques) are Govt. funded in every Western nation on earth. No problem there.

Canada just debated on giving an Iranian mosque which broke the spirit and letter of the hate-crimes laws a spanking and elected not to. Yet Terry Jones was not allowed in to speak against this kind of ideology.

And now facebook takes it upon themselves to ban members of Golden Dawn while allowing for example, ZHC, a Pakistani Hackers group that took over the website of a child with leukemia trying to raise funds for treatment in the name of Islam.



(ANSAmed) – ATHENS, NOVEMBER 12 – Facebook has blocked the profiles of MPs from Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party after deeming that they violated terms of use on violence and racism, according to reports.

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  1. It’s a sign of the times.
    We will not win this war if we give up, but you do realise that there may come a time when sites like this one are banned.

  2. Softly Bob makes a very good point.

    We live in an information age and with the click of a mouse revelations as to murder, oppression, corporate stupidity and political skullduggery can be sent around the world.

    The fact is, and this point is not lost on either side, the internet is the greatest weapon ever to be placed in the hands of the intellectual, the citizen, the consumer, the worker, the oppressed and the politically active.

    This weapon and its incredible power for both good and bad, is not lost on governments and corporations who, as reflected in recent attempts to silence and recent attempts to control, would love nothing better to roll us back to those days where we live in a fog of disinformation, selective media, biased media, political double talk and powerless, disorganized opposition.

    We can not, we must not ever, allow that to happen.

    Preparations must be made now to ensure we have a loosely organized group of persons who, regardless of websites, can disseminate information quickly and globally. This must be done in a manner that preserves the confidentiality and the efficacy of the information.

    As an example, information packages containing links and PDF docs can be sent out en mass to addresses around the world regardless of the recipient political persuasion.

    As for Golden Dawn, while there is evidence of National Socialist leanings within the party I must remind those who criticize, that Golden Dawn is the only party taking a vigorous stance against the muslims and the waves of human garbage that are washing up on their shores daily.

    Yes, the Greeks have lived high off the hog for years and corruption is the rule and not the exception but the fact remains the country is held hostage by the lunacy of the edicts of the EU and, further, is simply overrun with the lowest common denominator from the Middle East and Africa……this human garbage, making specious and frivolous “refugee” claims, arrives with extended hands and shrill voices, with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and expectation based on little more than skin colour, a womb in overdrive and the ability to fog a mirror.

    These “refugees”, they do not come to better a country, they come from failed third world theocratic toilets and bring with them the very mindset and cultural nuances that were responsible for the utter failure and destruction of their home countries…..including cowardice….how remarkable that we embrace cowards who, instead of fighting and dying in their own countries, cut and run.

    A perfect example of that very cancer can be found rearing its head in Canada.

    Very quietly the Harper government, while trumpeting immigration reform, has opened the floodgates from Somalia and inundated Canada with persons who have a seething hatred for Canada and a complete and marked unwillingness and downright refusal to embrace Canadian culture.

    As for evidence of the wave of Somalians, I have personally witnessed it in Alberta and throughout western Canada……further, many of these Somalian’s, devout muslims, are directly linked to the terrorist group Al-Shabab and routinely send earned funds back to their home country to fund arms and training for Al-Shabab members.

    How remarkable that Canada and the United States bans unaccompanied cargo shipments from Yemen and Somalia out of fears of explosives and terrorist bombs yet sees fit to import the very bomb makers themselves and provide them with jobs and funding in order to support their terrorist actions……its a funny little world we live in.

    In the final analysis, I support the underlying sentiment of Golden Dawn and their nationalist pride, we could use a little of that here in Canada.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. No group of government has the right to decide which views are to be given public debate and which are to be forbidden, by doing this the censors prove that they are well down the path to fascism or communism.

  4. I can’t see what the problem with National Socialism is. I mean, Hitler gave it a bad name only by association. If you take a look objectively – socialism means being for the welfare of society and national, as opposed to global, means limiting it to an extent to one’s own nation – i.e. National Socialism = putting the welfare of one’s nation first. What is wrong with that? If NS is that bad then why are the MPs of Golden Dawn giving around 75% of their income to their people and deterring immigrants from selling goods illegally at the expense of the true Greeks who pay licenses for their stalls. They may be a bit rough and ready but, unfortunately, we will all be forced to worse measures than this eventually – GD are simply trying to nip the situation in the bud before they have to resort to warfare. I am 100% behind them.

  5. Catherine it would be nice if your definition of socialism were the one that the left used, socialism is a mild for of Marxism that means stealing from the producers to give to the non producers. You can fancy it up all you want, it also means that the government is suppose to own all industry, look at the sad shape of the nations that tried that form of socialism. National Socialism aka Fascism was a Marxism/Socialism that allowed the ownership of private property and industry, but the government had total control of what you could do with that property by government regulations. Rather like what now exists in Europe and the US, the government regulations of the banking industry that required them to make loans to people that couldn’t pay them back is what caused the crash of 2008. The economic crisis caused by the crash was exacerbated by the socialist welfare programs in all Western nations. The ones that the people of Greece are rioting to keep going, the ones the Spanish are protesting to keep going.

  6. said, “, it also means that the government is suppose to own all industry”

    The real difference between Socialism and Communism is socialism you own your business but government controls every little aspect of the business from how many items you can sell to how much you can sell them for.

    I am still not sure the golden dawn are socialists or Nazis. Their founder might have wrote a Nazi’ propaganda piece in 1987 long before the founding of the party but I am still trying to verify that.

  7. Catherine, you are misguided on your definitions. Putting the welfare of one’s nation first is not ‘national socialism’. It is simply, ‘nationalism’.

    Socialism is essentially the step before communism, the maximum stage of lost freedom and government control before all-out dictatorship USSR style comes into play. Socialism kills the soul. It is the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. It assumes that all people are indeed equal. They are not. Some are better at certain things than others. Some are proactive and others are lazy.
    Adolf Hitler’s national socialism essentially robbed the supposedly “evil” Jewish population of its wealth and ‘redistributed’ it to Germans in return for government work (the Nazis put massive emphasis on infrastructure, roads, bridges etc.). The key tenant of socialism however, is that its goal is to create a new god out of government. Hitler did this effectively. He wiped out traditionalist concepts, for instance, the family unit. Hitler encouraged children to abandon loyalty to their parents and pledge undying servitude to the fuhrer. He made himself into a god.
    He called this ‘national socialism’ because while he promoted a huge government which enslaved its people through propaganda and a police state, it was all at a national level. The communists sought the same thing on a global level. Stalin and Hitler were remarkably similar fundamentally, except in the case of Uncle Joe and his predecessor, Lenin, their country wasn’t so bankrupt that they had to single out an entire ethnic group to be the target of ‘wealth redistribution’. Russia had enough rich landowners and friends of the Czar to kill and ‘obtain’ wealth from.

    Nationalism on its own is actually a very positive thing, as you articulate, looking out for the welfare of one’s own people. Serbia is a nationalist society today, but it is far from being a country under national socialism (despite being formerly communist). In fact, I believe that people in Serbia enjoy far more economic freedom than those in Western Europe!
    What makes nationalism great, is that it safeguards a distinct group of people. It allows them to band together, to rely upon one-another, and join them not through government, but through common identity and culture. This is also a key thing to understand. Hitler wasn’t about German ‘culture’. He was about German blood. He believed that one race was superior to all the others simply through its genetic coding (crazy). I support Greek nationalism, just as I am in favor of Israeli nationalism, and Japanese nationalism, and Namibian nationalism, because it keeps these distinct cultures alive, and that is something that I feel is important.

    OxAO – As I have articulated in the past, it is likely that many of Golden Dawn’s hierarchy are neo-nazi sympathizers (though it would be unfair to paint 14% of the country with that brush). What has to be understood here is that the more you clamp down on those who voice concern over issues like immigration, the more you will drive the masses towards men like Nikos Michaloliakos. People like this are more prone to violence than democracy, and are more shady characters in general. It’s a consequence of censorship, and censoring Golden Dawn more, will only increase their support, and create more animosity towards the government. In the end, Greece will find its own path. The wheels are already in motion. I just hope that few innocents are hurt when things finally come crashing down in what was once a proud country.

    My prayers are with those in Greece, who seek freedom, prosperity, and pride in their country.


    Oogenhand makes a good point…..

    Sooner or later, either through one single piece of legislation or through the death of a thousand regulatory cuts, the powers that be, will gain control of the internet.

    It may be through a blanket UN resolution which triggers capitulation from member states or simply worked in the back door under the guise of copyright protection.

    I doubt it will come quickly, it will be the boiling frog routine.

    These dangers also apply to identification. One simply looks around and finds that through our own blind stupidity, we are slowly being placed into a position of total control and this done under the guise of the hunt for terrorists.

    Just wait until we have gone to biometric identification and a cashless society. On that day, we are truly slaves.

    While what I am saying may be dismissed as paranoid ramblings, just think about your every move being controlled and monitored.

    Just look at where we are now.

    As one example take a look at the power meters on homes. In the old days a meter-reader stopped by your residence to check a reading on your meter which told them how much power you had consumed in a 30 or 60 day period. There were no details as to how you had consumed the power or when you had consumed it, just a start and end date and an opening and closing reading.

    Now, with the advent of real time “smart meters” which transmit your power meters data on a second by second basis through burst radio frequency transmissions to a nearby collection and retransmission point, your every move is or can be watched by an anonymous figure in an office thousands or hundreds of miles away……think I’m joking, just go look at your power meter and then Google “smart meters”

    Think about it, when you come home, when you turn on appliances, and they know roughly which ones you are using by the power consumed, IE: a dishwasher at 300kwh or a PC at 34 kwh etc etc etc…when you go to bed, when you get up…….everything you do in that house or apartment can be monitored now…..and how did we get there…….a death of a thousand regulatory cuts.

    Now compare that to everything else in your life.

    Did you know your car has a GPS which can be tracked remotely, something similar to GM’s OnStar. They are now saying that cities will develop a toll-user system that will be billed to you through an account of the number of miles that you drove and areas you drove in, all recorded by your car.

    Did you know your cell phone can be turned on remotely? In fact there was a story relating to an incident recently where iPhones and the like were installed, prior to sale, with software that allowed a third party to activate your phone, disable sounds and volume and then snap photographs and record your ambient sound?….look it up on Google.

    Did you know that your laptop and its camera and microphone can be turned on remotely.? I have a lovely little story about that little feature that I stumbled upon by accident….it forever changed my view of technology.

    Did you know that your cellphone and laptop can be used as a GPS tracking device?……its why courts are now insisting some criminals or persons on bail awaiting trial carry a court issued cellphone.

    One of the ways to defeat this is to always remove the battery in your laptop and cellphone and then hold the power button down for 30 seconds…….but did you notice recently that many cellphones and laptops have built in batteries?….now you are carrying around a device that can be powered up remotely 24/7.

    Did you know that your every purchase and transaction is now monitored through smart cards, Air Miles cards, shopper loyalty cards, bank cards with chips and their respective data bases…….that means everything you purchase, its price, the brand, the location, the time of day…..everything…..all recorded and stored on a large database miles and miles away. In fact many stores and office complexes now have readers that can scan and read the chips in your bank cards as you pass them in elevators and entrances/exits.

    Did you know that every website you have ever visited and every comment you have ever made is recorded. Google and other search engines have massive database storage facilities around the world. Without your knowledge or consent, slowly, they are building a complete profile of you.

    Did you know that every email or text message you have ever sent is being kept an stored by Hotmail, Gmail and whomever you have as your ISP. In the old days you sent a letter an its contents were, for the most part, secret. The task of government tracking every single letter was ridiculous and impossible. Now, one single person, sitting in a little office in downtown Ottawa, can enter your name and bingo!!…..there you are and there before them spread out like baked goodies at a picnic, is every single detail of your life.

    In fact your ISP has a detailed record, in addition to Google, of every website you have ever visited.

    Starting to feel a little uncomfortable yet?

    Here, watch this…..just click the link on the right that says “watch online”

    In closing, no, I do not live in a closet with a tin foil hat pulled down tight,but I am a realist.

    If, after reading the above, doing a little research and then placing all of that in context with the governments of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot……..and then considering a looming global caliphate…….if after all of that you are not deeply concerned…….well, what more can I possibly say?……..

    The lessons to be learned from history in context with our current situation in the information age can be related to our childhood.

    I recall, as a child, probing the electrical outlets with the cutlery, i was warned numerous times by my mother with slaps on the paw and stern lectures but still I persisted until that fateful day when I lit myself up like a Christmas tree…it was shocking experience and I received, in addition to my shock, a good spanking,… but from that moment on I regarded electrical outlets with a jaundiced eye and a remarkable degree of respect and distance…… other words I learned my lesson.

    Now look where we are today, look at the events unfolding around us, look at the global changes, look at the very slow evisceration of our freedoms and privacy…..and then compare all of that with 4000 years of history……..if, after all of that, you’re still sticking forks where they don’t belong……then you richly deserve what you get.

    In closing a couple of pointers.

    Start getting with the program…start closing doors and windows that corporations and governments are using to look into every aspect of your life.

    Get rid of loyalty cards, myself I sign up for a new one monthly and always with a false name, after a month I shred the card. I never use Air miles cards….my privacy is worth a lot more than a free flight.

    Close all your email accounts with Gmail and Hotmail and reopen new accounts using all false information, just keep a little notebook with the info you logged in case you are asked for it.

    Do not link YouTube accounts with your home address or give them your mobile/cellphone number. And never, ever enter personal information on the register portion of these sites.

    Get off Facebook and other social networking websites. The information you register there is kept for life.

    If you are concerned about information security learn to use an encryption program like Tor. You can also send a Word document that is encrypted. You will have to send the encryption key or password separately… is best to send password through snail-mail or via voice on a secure line.

    To find the security features for a Word Doc, simply open a Word Doc then go

    “Tools” “Options” “Security” and then enter passwords to “open or modify” the document.

    Close down your computer by activating a bios password. Simply power-up, enter F2 as it powers up. Once in at F2 go to “security” and then enter your passwords. Be extremely careful as if you forget it no one can help you open your computer and even intelligence services would take months or years to open it.

    Start learning how to use an encryption program called Truecrypt. Download it and then use their very friendly “help/tutorial” sections. Truecrypt containers can be mounted on all hard-drives, thumb-drives, external hard-drives. go to and download the program…..then once familiar with the program, keep all your documents, including music and photographs in them.

    Be extremely careful when using passwords. They are case sensitive and if forgotten can create a nightmare. For a password, as an example, think of a song or poem or speech you like and then take the first, second or last letter to every word in the opening stanza or paragraph. Then mix those letters with a selection of signs and symbols.

    Use a computer cleaner like Ccleaner from

    Buy a “crosscut” document shredder at Staples. Make sure its a crosscut shredder as these types make two cuts and shred the document into confetti. Then shred everything, every little piece of correspondence, every bill you don’t keep and every envelope it came in, shred every receipt.


    Take cash out of your account and learn to budget. Stop Swiping!!!! Just pay cash. By paying cash you completely erase a whole set of tracks.

    Start closing the windows and doors to your life…..what you do, where you go, what you buy, what you eat, who you sleep with, what you wear, how much power you use, who you talk to, who you vote for…….ITS YOUR BUSINESS…..AND NOBODY ELSE’S!!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER….

    Now where did I put my tin foil hat?……………

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. @ Don Laird
    I assume I am eavesdropped all the time. But all those little spy devices are ultimately controlled by humans, even the large computers. Therefore, threaten them with eternal damnation. The NWO is intertwined with Islam, and Islam destroys itself in Syria.

  10. @ Pigs and Oogenhand…..

    Noted…..and thanks…….education and information are the greatest weapons in our arsenal…….that and courage of conviction.

    With these, even in small numbers, we can defeat virtually any enemy……..the muslims, predatory corporations and tyrannical governments all loath that which drives a stake through their hearts………its called truth and the light of day……

    So let us continue to drag these bastards kicking and screaming into the light of day, for all to see….

    Oh by the way….here’s another little tidbit that will make your skin crawl…..

    Google is now working on a dynamic search algorithm that will allow searches to be performed for particular writers and bloggers.

    Not in the usual sense with relation to postings made on chat-rooms, blogs or websites. Not in the usual sense through the identification of IP addresses which can be tracked through your ISP but through subject matter, referential material, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation.

    In other words, regardless of where you are, regardless of where you post, if you are a prolific writer and politically active, your writings can be identified through your own unique style.

    The search algorithm has not been perfected yet but they are are almost there.

    This is just one of the threats to the “power of one”.

    Imagine if there had been a Google in the days of Vichy France, or a computer chip at the disposal of the Brown Shirts…or during Stalin’s little picnic when Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn sat putting pen to paper in defence of the legions of the disappeared in his country, when he was breathing life into that which would begin the dissolution of the Soviet Union, breathing life into “Gulag Archipelago”

    Just think of the shock waves that reverberated across China when the photograph of Tankman in Tiananmen Square gained exposure, think of the dissident books passed quietly in cafes, think of Gandhi, think of Christ, think of Archbishop Oscar Romero, think of Geert Wilders think of the poets and singers of song…………all enemies of tyrants….all enemies of the State…… all enemies of faceless predatory and parasitic bureaucracies…..each and every one of them, without exception knows intimately the volumes of truth spoken of in the adages “The pen is mightier than the sword” and “The power of one”……..

    In the end. When I look around me at the world we live in and the advances we have made in the humanities, science, technology, engineering, space exploration, medicine and the arts….I am incredibly pleased and humbled.

    Unfortunately that pleasure is tempered with the realization that, as human beings, we have so very far to go in just achieving the basics of cohabitation… the line from the movie reflects……”We are capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares….”

    As for tyrants and their omnipresent mistresses, fear and oppression……the indomitable, indefatigable will of the human soul to be free always has been and always will be their greatest enemy.

    They know it…..and so do we….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  11. Disagree with the comments about National Socialism. However, there are more important things to convey. TUC have an online petition to stop a “conference” in Dubai that is debating handing control and monitoring of the internet to a communications company who will monitor and control EVERYTHING that is put over the net. Check it out –

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