Down a Dark Close in Biggleswade

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Kevin Carroll in Walthamstow, Sept. 1 2012

As regular readers know, Kevin Carroll is the vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party. At the moment he is in the midst of a campaign for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire. The election is less than ten days away, and Kevin has been spending a lot of time leafleting. Tonight he experienced a hair-raising moment of cultural enrichment in one of those diverse Bedfordshire neighborhoods.

The following brief account is adapted from his recent Facebook post:

Whilst leafletting tonight in Biggleswade, I was down a dark close when I heard a powerful-sounding engine. I knew it was a Range Rover. It was a black one with black wheels, and four Muslim males were inside.

They said, “We’ve been looking for you.”

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5 Replies to “Down a Dark Close in Biggleswade”

  1. I don’t think things are going to stay peaceful in Britain for very long, incidents like this will occur more often and some of them will succeed.

  2. No one should have to worry about being ambushed and attacked, especially by interlopers who at worst will get their wrists slapped. They’re good at ambushing & attacking groups like savages. Obviously they see Kevin as a threat. Thank goodness someone came along in the nick of time to foil this attack. I’d like to see Brits up the ante and start pulling the same things on the supremacists. I’ll bet there’d be a whole lot of whining going on.

  3. In a way they are playing into our hands. If anything had happened to Kevin Carroll it would just have added more evidence that we are living in a corrupt society. Soon the people will speak.

  4. They will probably speak after the worlds economy tanks, during times of emergency it is normal for people to take care of their family and friends before strangers, the immigrants rate as strangers.

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