Ireland, ahead of England in totalitarian fascism and general lack of political freedoms?

Check out this newspaper article from the Irish Sun:

It refers to the gardai, an Irish police force, who are looking for the makers of this video:

The article goes on to say:

The “nationalist” nuts are anti-Muslim, anti-Jew, anti-gay and want to end all immigration into Ireland.

without so much as offering any evidence whatsoever that this is the case, and more importantly, without explaining why any of that is a matter for the police.

Clearly now one’s feelings about ethnic groups and actual government policy such as immigration is a crime in Ireland of such magnitude that it can be stated that police need to be involved without so much as an explanation or evidence.

Also, speaking in terms of very general trends, I notice that what people now commonly refer to as ‘right wing newspapers’ such as Canada’s Sun chain or canada’s National Post, allow comments to appear immediately as posted and if something is way over the top, incites violence or breaks laws then it is removed. Left wing papers and Muslim ones tend to check all posts before approving them lest they interfere with the narrative.

This paper seems no exception as I posted 2 comments, both of which as of the time of writing have been held for moderation despite using their own sign in procedure using face book.

So I shall paste those comments here now. It will be interesting to see if they ever appear over at the Irish Sun.


1. Burning a Koran is no more racist than burning a copy of Mien Kampf or burning a copy of Marx’s communist manifesto. Islam is not a race it is a hate fueled ideology of political domination. Burning a Koran is merely a cheap device to bring attention to that fact.

Muslims en masse committing acts of violence in response to anyone showing contempt or even questioning their dogma and symbols is mere proof of what I say. If it was benign then they would argue against opponents or, as the Catholic church does, ignore it as the democratic right of all people.

People who claim that Islam is a race and opposition to it or its dogma is racist have eaten the most dangerous kind of pudding and drank the most leftist kind of misleading Kool-aid available. It will result in real racism as people grow weary of that weapon being wielded at every convenience irrespective of biological reality.

“The revolution will not be complete until the language is perfected” George Orwell 1984

2. I should also mention that this article is in serious error. The video depicting (accurately) the life of Islam’s founder, Mohamed did NOT go viral until AFTER the protests started. In fact it had less than 200 views before Sept 11 2012 when Muslims started the riots and claimed it was the cause.


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6 Replies to “Ireland, ahead of England in totalitarian fascism and general lack of political freedoms?”

  1. my new t-shirts for next spring will say in large letters, F—k Islam F—k the pedophile prophet, and F—k the weirdo cult leader allah baba (all spelled out)
    and a photo of the koran burning with a dog shitting on it
    Not too controversial I hope for a senior to wear about town

  2. Begob, sure isn’t it a source of heat, I’ll have to say now- and not a word of a lie, that it’s mighty cold up here in Ireland, God bless us all and keep us, and holy Mary his Blessed Mother.

    Why only the other day, what was there if not a foreign gentleman outside mass, and he handing out free Koran books, and inviting us all round to the Ally Whack Bar for a session of Sean Nós.

    Well one thing is certain, that between the jigs and the reels didn’t I take several of his books home with me anyhow, and in the heel of the hunt sure amn’t I saving a fortune on toilet paper!

    God bless all here!

  3. They are fighting back in the only way that is left for them to fight, the left in their arrogance thinks by limiting the speech of those they oppose and painting them as racist they an stop their enemies from talking and thinking. What they don’t understand is that by limiting the freedom of speech and by slandering their political enemies they are removing peaceful debate from the table

    Erin go bragh,I hope I spelled that right.

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