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8 Replies to “Personal story of a Christian pastor attacked (rather brutally) by Muslims in Africa”

  1. There is a reason why acid is available in the Afterlife of my religion. Again, the civil war in Syria proves the failure of islam. In the Afterlife, muslims will suffer acid attacks themselves.

  2. Britain ‘deeply concerned’ by Syria execution video

    Britain said on Friday it was deeply concerned by a video purporting to show opposition fighters executing Syrian soldiers, saying it condemned atrocities committed on both sides of the conflict.

    “We are deeply concerned by accounts that anti-government armed groups have committed human rights abuses against government forces in Idlib,” a Foreign Office spokesman said.

    “We condemn atrocities committed by the armed opposition in Syria just as we condemn the many atrocities carried out by the regime.

    “But we must be clear that the regime is responsible for creating a situation where the lack of any space for dissent and vicious and brutal repression is forcing ordinary Syrians to respond to violence with violence.

    “We call on all sides, including the armed opposition, to step back from this and create the space for a political transition to begin.”

    The video posted on YouTube appeared to show about 10 soldiers being beaten, then lined up on the ground and executed with automatic rifles, after Thursday’s rebel attacks on checkpoints in the northwestern town of Saraqeb.

    The Foreign Office spokesman said the international community was watching closely for human rights violations and abuses in Syria, and warned that those responsible would be held to account.

    “The UK will take every opportunity to highlight all violations and abuses in Syria and to intensify pressure on the regime and the armed rebels at every opportunity, in the UN and elsewhere,” he said.

    Source: AFP

    video : summary execution part 2

  3. Assad should convert to my religion, that allows euthanasia in some cases. Then they can use asymmetric warfare like mutilation and torture themselves. If the FSA likes to torture, they should convert as well. My religion promises the faithful the opportunity to torture the enemies of God, like muslims, forever in the Afterlife.

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