Live Updates – NY/NJ Gas Shortages: Mile-Long Lines, Rationing, Fights, Police Draw Guns

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by Ben Shapiro 1 Nov 2012, 12:00 PM PDT 666 post a comment

On Twitter, there are widespread reports about fistfights and people bringing guns to gas stations, thanks to gas shortages in New York and New Jersey. Some on Twitter are also reporting that law enforcement has been stationed around many gas stations to prevent incidents:

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12 Replies to “Live Updates – NY/NJ Gas Shortages: Mile-Long Lines, Rationing, Fights, Police Draw Guns”

  1. There is always a certain about of violence and chaos during disasters, unfortunately this time it seems to be much larger. possibly because that is the region with the most diverse immigrant population.

  2. During the disaster in Japan most people behaved with dignity & decorum, during this disaster in NYC many are behaving like savages. Does that say something about the ethnic makeup, the political make-up, the rampant decline in civility due to mass immigration or just a plain lack of values being instilled in children over the last 30 years? Whatever it is, it is disgusting and they should be ashamed.

  3. I live in NJ just outside of Philadelphia, the further north you are, the worse it is due to the storm being stronger up towards NY. Down here, its buisness as usual, with only slightly higher gas prices. Up in Princeton/Trenton where I work, there are lines and half of the city there is still without power. Most of the roads are closed, and it takes about 30-40 minutes longer to get to work.

  4. I would also say that a good part to do with most of the towns not having the resources they should for this sort of thing. I live in Moorestown, and here we probably have the highest per capita number of government employees. This town is billed as “Storm ready”, and damn they mean it. Additionally, PSE&G’s local headquarters just down the road with hundreds of trucks and personnel. Its a huge facility so they have everything in the sandbox to throw at the problem. As soon as the storm was over, the streets where clear, and power was back on. Like it never even happened. I saw a lot of those PSE&G trucks from down here all heading up I-295 to help restore power up there. At this point it seems to be a matter of getting the resources where they need to be next.

  5. Adam your solution falls into the category of, “Christmas is great for retail, so lets just make every day Christmas!”

    You simply cannot have everyone work for government and in the business of emergency preparedness. You can’t do it. Just like you cannot make everyone a cop and end crime that way. Someone has to, you know, grow food and stuff.

    What does work though, is having an intact culture which we saw in Japan after the earthquake plus tsunami plus nuclear disaster. No looting, no crime, no problem. Quite the opposite of New Orleans and now New York.

    The problem with the obvious of course is that it is illegal. One cannot mention it.Precisely because it works, it is true, and it runs against the narrative.

  6. I know the evil is real but don’t get completely caught up in it. I know local restaurants and food trucks are donating food or selling at very low cost. The Southern Baptist’s are packing and have probably already headed out along with the Convoy of Hope run by Assemblies of God. Members of the Mennonite community will probably also come in the following week to donate labor. It’s not all gloom. There really are good people out there coming to help and give of themselves.

  7. Eeyore, what the hell was all that about? At what point did I say I was proposing a solution? Are we reading the same posts?

    I was simply RELAYING information. Seems people are gettting a bit paranoid and presumptuous on this site. You can go ahead and put your soapbox away, because I was relaying FACTS.

    Lets review:

    Moorestown has a VERY high number of employees on the govermnet payroll. Taxes are also high, but the town is fairly responsive since its small. Since so many employees where on duty, the town was immediately up and running after the storm.

    Up in Princeton, resources are more scarce. Power to large parts of the city is still out, and many roads are closed. To bridge the gap, PSE&G (a PUBLICLY TRAIDED for PROFIT utility, not socialized canada junk) sent large numbers of trucks up I-295 to help.

    At no point did I say I agreed or disagreed, just relaying things how they are. If they dont fit with your world view or don’t make the point you want, well, thats your problem…

  8. Les we aren’t saying everyone in the affected areas are evil, we are commenting on the breakdown of social mores while pointing out that Japan suffered worse disasters and didn’t have people resort to looting and taking advantage of their neighbors. To a very large extent that is because of Japan having one culture and the US having been taught we are suppose to have different cultures for each ethnic group. This idea falls apart in an emergency since people will support their own but support the non group members last, if at all. Look at the Balkans for another example.

  9. Richard, thats fine. And my comments where in regards to that not all the areas are like New York being lead blindly by Mayor Blunderburg. Here in NJ things are progressing a bit more smoothly, with most of the areas getting back to normal, but much of the beaches and communities along the coast still in shambles. FWIW, I agree completly with what was said here. I was just annoyed to make some passing comments on the situation on the ground, and then get a lecture on a topic I never broached.

  10. My bad, comment was directed at Les.

    Never the less, it doesn’t surprise me that NY is still a total basket case. There is more to this than just ethnic values cutting counter to our traditional values. A lot of it probably also has to do with how disfunctional that city is. I just heard that we will be rationing gas here in NJ to help the tards out in NY. Dont know if that is entirely true or not. Will have to wait and see. Also saw stories of the union utility workers harrasing out of town utility workers who where sent in reinforcements. Shows where their priorities are. Fix the utilities? Nah, why bother when I can go and abuse people trying to do my job while I sit on my ass next to this big inflatable rat.

  11. Good point Adam, the Democrat corruption in New York has shown that it fails the people when they need help. Just as the mess in New Orleans after Katrina was caused by the Democrats refusing help and mismanaging what was there the mess in New York is the result of mismanagement by the Democrats. Both places refuse military help because the soldiers might be armed.

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