Some news and links for Oct 19 2012

Here is a page of awful stories all involving sex. It is interesting to me at least, that the top story is a rather banal and victimless one about a woman who ran a brothel. She is now under arrest. All the following items are brutal and grotesque murders of cousin rape and betrothed betrayal.

Diana West 

1. Jihad and Christopher Stephens Pt. 1

2. Jihad and Christopher Stephens Pt. 2

Way off topic

No one is really this stupid. Surely she meant this as a joke?

Qatar writes law meant to become template for international law against ‘defamation of religions’.

Reza Khalili claims that Obama’s Oct. surprise will be some bogus agreement he will claim to stop enrichment in Iran. I doubt the Mullahs care enough about his re-election to help him out with that in any useful way. We should know soon.


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  1. Mob assaults French reporter in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

    (AFP) – 33 minutes ago

    CAIRO — A French female television reporter was sexually assaulted during a protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, she told AFP on Saturday, the latest in a series of such attacks on women covering unrest in Egypt.

    Sonia Dridi, a correspondent for France 24, said a mob of mostly young men surrounded her on Friday while she was on the air and then began to grope her. The attack lasted several minutes before a male friend managed to pull her out.

    “I was groped everywhere. I realised (later), when someone closed my shirt, that it was opened, but not torn off. I avoided the worst because I have a good belt” and a friend helped her out, she said.

    Dridi said she was filing a police complaint. In the past, police have not succeeded in apprehending suspects after similar attacks on women in the protest hub.

    In June, a group of men attacked and sexually assaulted several protesters in a women’s march against sexual harassment in Tahrir, epicentre of the uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak early last year.

    The assaults, which female protesters and journalists say are commonplace in Tahrir Square, had already gained notoriety after US journalist Lara Logan was sexually assaulted there on February 11 2011, the day Mubarak resigned.

  2. No one is really this stupid. Surely she meant this as a joke? One New Yorker wrote to Sarah Palin saying that she shouldn’t shoot caribou for meat, she should buy it at the grocery store, where it is made.

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