Terrifying documentary on Islam in Europe

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent was sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several ‘no go zones’ in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

This is part I of IV. Very special thanks to Gates of Vienna for all the editing and especially DarLink, the translator who must have worked very hard to so accurately translate an hour of Hebrew to English.

If all are willing, we shall do the other 3 parts when possible.

After seeing this there is really very little excuse for our politicians world wide to continue to pretend that Islam is just another immigrant group.


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  1. “whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent ”

    Apparently Muslims judge Islam on racial affiliation. That is why Indrit Krasniqi, an Albanian, had to wear a beard, while his Black friends didn’t have to.

  2. A question – does someone know how to download such videos from MRC TV onto disk? In a short time I’ll be living in a place without fast internet and would like to keep this video to watch in future. I know DownloadHelper does the job for youtube – but it doesn’t seem to have a function for MRC TV.

  3. The signs are all around us, but there are none so blind as we……

    Slowly, one by one, the candles that light our forward thinking civilized society are snuffed out by the cruel winds of savage barbarity……..

    We ignore the doctor’s diagnosis of our peril, preferring instead to join our ostrich friends, for in the musty earth can be found comforting respite from the world we created………

    Brick by monstrous brick the crematoria are being built again…….Lucifer’s stonemason’s working overtime once more…….

    Zyklon B is being stockpiled……because, to quote Reinhard Heydrich, when entertaining guests, one can never have enough party favorites……

    The cattle trains creak and groan and stretch their legs……eager for their second wind……..

    The Jews are terrified, sounds of, once again, their suitcases being packed, sounds of their moving trucks being loaded………

    And we stand idly by as the vulgar and venomous devotees of a 7th century barbarian sharpen their knives…….and smile the knowing smile of ravenous genocidal cancer………

    And we do nothing, we ignore the signs, we ignore the warnings…….the pages of history books, this chapter in particular, drip with blood……..and we just turn the page………

    Only this time the muhammadans seek not just the Jews, although they will do for kindling…….this time the muhammadans seek the entirety of that portion of the Human Race which does not worship lunacy manifest……..to stuff us head first into ovens, upon the glowing embers of our Jewish brothers……..to spend our final moments rolling out of a thousand chimneys as oily smoke…….

    And still we stand, trembling and mumbling and fumbling, mute, indifferent, indecisive, dithering and afraid…….

    We deserve everything we get.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    PS: A few of my rambling screeds ago I wrote of a day not too far away……..a day eagerly awaited by the disciples of the deranged dogma of islam………a day given dawn by our cowardice and complicity…..

    (From: Of Doctorates and Duplicity)

    This is reality; this is the Muslim Students Association, the Muslim Students Union, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, CAIR, The Islamic Society of North America, The Islamic Circle of North America and countless other muslim groups whose clearly stated goal is a program of genocide that cuts a wide swath across humanity.

    These are the wolves that walk, with impunity, amongst us. Their agenda is not limited to Jews,……they hate Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus, Christians, Catholics, Confucians and non-believers alike.

    They don’t hold secret meetings, they don’t speak in code or give secret club signs…….they write it on signs, publish it on the internet and scream it in our faces…….and we stand, ignorant, indecisive, silent and afraid.

    These are muslims, members of The Muslim Brotherhood, followers of the “religion of peace” that your sons and daughters attend university with. These are the advocates of mass murder that sit in classrooms patiently waiting for their moment. These are the future camp commandants and muslim SS.

    These are the men and women who will stand in front of you and, running their fingers through your children’s hair, will smile and say “choose”…….”choose which one of your children lives and which one dies, choose, because our new islamic policy (sharia law) dictates that there can only be one infidel child per infidel family and we regret that policy is retroactive, regardless of year of birth……orders from the Caliphate you understand ”……….

    You can’t speak……..your wife weakens and slumps against you……the child in your arms crushes into you burying her head in your neck….…how is it possible to choose between giving life and taking life?……..to choose between two of the things that you love more than life itself?……..but you will choose, for not to choose is a death sentence for all………it is the very cowardice that rendered you silent as islam eroded your country, your parliament, your schools, your courts, your churches and your way of life………the same cowardice that brings you to this moment……..tears stream down your face as you push your other child towards them………he draws back, clutching your pant leg saying “no father”………”please no”………you can’t even look him in the eye as you lie through your teeth…….you hiss, ”go with them now, it’ll be alright”

    These are the men and women who will lead the child you sentenced to death away to the edge of a pit……….they will whisper soothingly into your child’s ear……..your child will kneel, crying and terrified, softy calling your name……..trembling, eyes closed, not wanting to look at the hundreds of children’s bodies in the pit, your child waits……..the pistol will be placed at the back of your child’s head and the trigger will be pulled…….as the body pitches forward a geyser of blood will erupt from your child’s head, a pink mist in the morning sun……..and on this, the blackest day of your life…….these men and women will smile……..the will of allah and muhammad done……..

  4. What scares me most is that while the U.S.A. has a 2nd amendment, the European politicians have disarmed their citizens especially in the UK. If these Muslim bastards have weapons and try to take over, we’ll all be sitting ducks.

  5. Green Infidel


    I just tried downloading it with downloadhelper; it works. Start downloading immediately after starting playing the video.

  6. Don Laird wrote: as the body pitches forward a geyser of blood will erupt from your child’s head, a pink mist in the morning sun……..and on this, the blackest day of your life…….these men and women will smile……..the will of allah and muhammad done……..While chanting “Allahu Ackbar..”

    The last is absolutely essential, as the sacrificial offering of the Infidel will not be acceptable to Allah otherwise.

  7. If they want a ‘one child’ policy, we will be one step ahead. Castrate the mustards. Revenge castrations will be met with even more severe mutilation. After all, Islam forbids euthanasia.

  8. Green Infidel,
    I use VideoCacheView, great little program which shows you cache of your browsers.
    Video you watch is generally cached as a tmp file during the play and you can easily find and save
    whatever you want just a few minutes after the beginning of the playback.

  9. Softly Bob says:, “What scares me most is that while the U.S.A. has a 2nd amendment, the European politicians have disarmed their citizens especially in the UK. If these Muslim bastards have weapons and try to take over, we’ll all be sitting ducks.”

    It wasn’t the Nazi’s that banned weapons it was Hindenburg claiming he was combating the brown shirts.

    History repeats itself

  10. renbe says: “We’re doomed, the mooooooslims are taking over the world!!”

    We haven’t started to fight back. But the real problem is we don’t even recognized we are being attacked. You can not fight an enemy you don’t recognize as a threat

    That says a lot really. Islam is doing it’s best to attack us but at this point they are nothing more then an annoyance to the general population

  11. The israelis now told us europeans for long years, how it looks, that islam will dominate one day. Try telling this to the average german leftie (many, if not most germans are more or less left wing), he or she just might go like “no way, what are you talking about”, to put it… mildly.

  12. I am told that the translation for the next parts should be coming about once a week. This is a staggering amount of work, even for my part which is small compared to translating and timing the translation. So let’s hope DarLink doesn’t burn out too fast on this one. But yeah if the rest is as good as this one I hope we manage to get it done.

  13. There are signs that more people are waking up to the danger, Romney has 300 retired flag officers in his campaign advising him, most of them are going to be worried about Islam since they are no free to speak their minds.

  14. Yes, the truth is terrifying and that’s probably why so many people prefer their delusions. Unfortunately the deluded may get the rest of us subjugated. We must find a way to break through their resistance before it’s too late and the the complicit should be tried for sedition.

  15. oogenhand why should we have to learn foreign languages within our own country? They the foreigners and illegals should have to learn ours surely?

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