Israel attacks Gaza beachhead


Southern district hit with Palestinian rockets

LAST UPDATED: 10/08/2012 16:40

IDF responds to 30 mortar shells bombing Hamas terror targets in Gaza; escalation follows air strike on 2 terrorists in Rafah.

Smoke rises after IAF airstrike in Gaza [file]Photo: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

The IDF struck targets in Gaza Monday in response to a barrage of more than 30 rockets and mortar shells fired into farming districts in southern Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The IDF response involved both Air Force and tanks.

An army source said that a tank directed fire at a Hamas position hidden inside a mosque located in southern Gaza. The source added that Hamas often uses “religious sites as cover for its terrorist activities against Israelis.”

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2 Replies to “Israel attacks Gaza beachhead”

  1. OT- Pakistan blocks YouTube over anti-Islam film

    Citing objectionable content, Pakistani authorities have blocked user access to about 20,000 websites, including YouTube. The objectionable content hosted on the blocked websites includes footage from the anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

    it is unlikely that the ban on YouTube will be lifted anytime soon. “The ban on YouTube will continue as long as it does not remove the blasphemous film. Pakistan can take no chances on lifting the ban as people are not ready to accept this film,” he added. He went on to assert that if YouTube continues to carry the objectionable video, the ban will continue for “an indefinite period”.

  2. The attacks seem to be increasing in intensity and duration, and they are probably being coordinated by the MB. We can expect the attacks to grow until Israel makes a massive retaliatory strike.

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