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16 Replies to “Maine mohammadans mad after mayor tells them to assimilate”

  1. The Somalis will reply that the the mayor didn’t assilate to Iroquois culture, to which we can reply: “neither do you!”. Anyway, Somalization will make learning Somali inevitable. If you know Somali, you know what they are up to.

  2. Somalia and Yemen have been on terror watch lists for years, owing to connections to Al Queda and the predominance of muslims amongst them.

    The vast majority of Somali immigrants are directly connected to Al Shabab with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security shutting down the money transfers from the United States to Somalia.

    These people are brought to this country and many others and are quickly schooled in the mantra of the immigant:


    The reality is these people are a walking, talking manifestation of White Guilt …….they come to our countries with and overwhelming sense of entitlement and expectation based on the ability to fog a mirror, ovaries in overdrive and the colour of their skin.

    Send them home now!…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. The mayor sounds like he wants to do the best for the people and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. Good for him.

  4. @Nick Folkes …. are you saying that after these Somalis have come into the country, made a life here, given birth to a second generation, but if they have still not assimilated, they should be deported? Its remarks like yours that don’t make sense to people like us who see the problem but also see many solutions that do not resort to the kind of “only” solution you and others like you seem to advocate.
    We need more free speechers like the Maine mayor to drum some sense into the Somalis who can see the logic of the mayor’s opinions. Political correctness kept the immigrants in the dark about what was expected of them. Only by trampling political correctness underfoot and speaking the truth will new immigrants learn and understand that their ways are looked on as unacceptable to the large majority and not otherwise as they were thought to believe by the media and the leftish culture … and only because the Left was bribing them for their votes.

    Next time, please think how illogical your suggestion of deporting back the Somalis to “amongst sand dunes” would sound to others. By your comment you come across as not having more than one thought in your head.

  5. @ Dodocanspell….I see nothing wrong with repatriation if their loyalty is to islam & their home country. So what if they breed and have children in the states, does that somehow make them a good citizen? If this comes down to a civil war which It will unless Westerners decide to capitulate en masse then I’m sure you’ll begin to see the wonders of deportation & repatriation of colonists in a different light, because it might be the only thing that saves us, unless of course you’d prefer the other options?

  6. And bravo to the mayor for speaking the non-pc truth. It takes courage to speak your mind in the atmosphere that the traitor has created in America, especially if you’re a politician. I count this mayor as another warrior standing up for the loyal citizens of the USA. They are few & far between.

  7. dont forget they add to our culture and inlightment with the sharia law,the peacefull coran and the romantic treatment of women+ they are hard working and honest people and so proud not to be a burden on the welfare system and also they have a strick birth control not to ecceed 6 children.
    Keep them coming,we have to catch up with Europe or should i say Eurabia.


  8. There are much more subtle and worst types of islamisation happenning in South East Asia, which is worst in their uncontrolled subtle islamisation, aided by asians of other faiths who have no understanding what real freedom is.
    Hopefully, Europe are waking up to the danger of the influx of socalled multiculturalism from asia region.

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