Woman beaten by own family for talking to a man

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Published on Oct 6, 2012 by SDAMatt2a

A woman claims she was beat by her family for talking to a man and on Friday, those family members were in court.

All three family members plead guilty. The 20-year-old victim had an outburst in court and interrupted the hearing.

She was crying and told the judge this was all her fault and she wants her mother back.

The judge repeatedly asked her to stop interrupting.

The alleged incidents happened when she was 19. Court records show she was burned on her face and chest with a hot spoon after refusing to participate in an arranged marriage with a 38-year-old man.

Records also state that victim was tied to a bed with a rope secured with a padlock until Feb. 8, when she was released to go to school.

The mother, 50-year-old Yusra Farhan, plead guilty to unlawful imprisonment. The father, 45-year-old Mohammed Altameemi, plead guilty to disorderly conduct and her 18-year-old sister, Tabarak Altameemi, plead guilty to misdemeanor assault.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 6th. The judge told the victim she’ll get her chance to talk at the sentencing.

Farhan and the Altameemis will most likely get probation.

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  1. Under shari’ah, if the victim says she was at fault, there is no punishment. Wonder how the ‘community’ managed to persuade her that this was the right thing to do?
    Hope our laws are not too corrupted to send these people to prison.

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