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5 Replies to “DC judge to rule on placing of Israel Vs. Savages posters in DC subways”

  1. Is it me, or is this a case of “she who must not be named” in this Fox video news report?

    ff to 0:08

    “A woman defends her constitutional rights. . .”

    ff to 0:21

    “. . .the person behind them wants the same ads in DC’s Metro stations. . .”

    ff 2:17

    “the attorney for the pro-Israeli poster maker . . .”

    ff 3:00

    “the person who wants to put up the poster was hoping for a quick ruling . . .”

    Pamela Gellar is not identified until 1:12 in the video.

    Clearly, I’m annoyed by this. Pamela Geller is a true American HERO.

    It should surprise no-one that the bells tolling the imminent death of the msm grow ever louder and will ultimately stifle those who enable the stifling of American freedoms.

  2. Even if the poster get banned PG can still get the signal out.

    All she have to do is to write “Support the civilised man” and everybody understand and no one can complain 🙂

  3. Joy 52, if freedom of speech loses we will all be fighting for every other freedom too.

    The alternate will be totalitarianism as behind the Iron Curtain where a passing comment heard by the wrong ears ends you up in a gulag and everyone snitches on each other to brown-nose the authorities – it`s disgusting, and that attitude still pervades in the wounded psyche of many who lived under that kind of rule even though it`s 23 years later.

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