Liberal, secular ‘infidels’ must be prosecuted, says Brotherhood preacher

Egypt Independent:

Sun, 30/09/2012 – 21:15

Liberals, modernists and secularists are infidels and must be brought to trial for abandoning Islam, according to an ultra-conservative preacher in the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a video posted on the YouTube channel of the privately owned newspaper Al-Shorouk newspaper on Sunday, preacher Wagdy Ghoneim said: “If they do not repent, the judge must apply the penalty for apostasy.

“If anyone tells you that he is liberal, tell him directly that he is infidel.”

Earlier this month, Ghoneim caused controversy after issuing a fatwa — an Islamic religious edict — that said joining the Constitution Party, led by Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, is forbidden by Islam. Calling it an “infidel” party, Ghoneim said he refused to recognize secular, liberal or leftist political movements.

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3 Replies to “Liberal, secular ‘infidels’ must be prosecuted, says Brotherhood preacher”

  1. Is that why Obama through the Youtube video maker back into prison?

    “He(Mark Basseley Youseff) poses a flight risk and poses a danger to others,” Mr. Dugdale said. “He has every incentive to disappear (because he has a nearly million dollar bounty on his head.)” Assistant US Attorney Robert Dugdale argued

    The judge agreed.

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