USA in support of african-led forces for Mali

An original translation by Michael Laudahn

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Generic african soldier photo

TRAINING: A mali soldier instructing new recruits at a training camp of the FNL movement, the liberation movement for northern Mali.

The US will support ‘well planned and equipped african-led forces’ that can assist in forcing islamists out of northern Mail, according to american government agencies.

‘Sooner or later, military action will become necessary to force the al Qaida-related rebels of the islamic Maghreb out of northern Mali’, says american top diplomat Johnnie Carson. He emphasises, however, that such forces must be under the Mali army’s command, and that Mali’s neighbouring countries must agree to the formation of these forces.

Last week, Mali, France and several west-african countries argued for the establishment of african-led forces, which can support Mali authorities to chase the islamist rebels from the country’s northern parts, which they assumed control of in march.

A group of younger officers seized the power in the country and overthrew president Amadou Touré, protesting the fact that the official army got too few ressources to combat islamists in the northern parts of the country. Paradoxically enough, this coup led to the islamists taking over larger parts of northern Mali, where they have introduced a strict sharia regime.

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