Police and Authorities cover-ups of large scale muslim gang rapes of English kids exposed by report.

Council and police had 127 warnings about sex abuse in town where Asian gang raped dozens of children, finds damning report

  • Former Home Secretary Jack Straw says the Asian community is ‘in denial’ over issue of grooming young white women
  • New report finds authorities ‘missed opportunities’ to shut down nine-man sex gang who operated for several years in Rochdale
  • NHS warned Rochdale Borough Council and Greater Manchester Police on dozens of occasions over six years about sex abuse risks in the town
  • Children abused were dismissed as prostitutes and told they were ‘making their own choices’, report finds
  • Terrified victims approached police for help but were also ignored
  • Calls for people involved to be ‘named, shamed and sacked’
  • Former Home Secretary Jack Straw says ‘There is an issue of ethnicity here which can’t be ignored’

By Martin Robinson

PUBLISHED: 08:50 GMT, 27 September 2012 | UPDATED: 12:30 GMT, 27 September 2012

Vile: Shabir Ahmed systematically rape of a young girl over the course of 14 years

Vile: Shabir Ahmed was the ringleader of the gang of nine who attacked terrified children in Rochdale.

A council and a police force received 127 warnings from NHS staff about children as young as 10 at risk of abuse and ‘missed opportunities’ to stop an Asian gang that raped dozens of vulnerable young girls over several years, it has been revealed.

Rochdale social services, police and the Crown Prosecution Service had failed to shut down the sex ring – turning a blind eye and dismissing victims as prostitutes, a damning report into the scandal has found.

Nine Asian men were jailed this year for between four and 19 years for grooming young white girls in and around the town – picking them up from the school gates and taking them to houses and flats to be plied with alcohol and drugs before being passed around for sex.

Forty-seven children were identified as victims of the exploitation that left many of their lives in tatters.

At least one of the terrified victims approached the police to tell them that they were being abused, but they were ignored and continued to be raped again in some cases.

The picture which emerges from the report by the local safeguarding board is one of vulnerable young girls who were being targeted for sexual abuse being written off by those in authority who believed the girls were ‘making their own choices’.

3 Replies to “Police and Authorities cover-ups of large scale muslim gang rapes of English kids exposed by report.”

  1. The whole leftist idea that prostituting yourself and acting in porn films being a personal choice is two things: 1) it is a lie, most people who become sex-workers are either forced into it, mentally unstable or have a history of sexual abuse – 2) It is certainly not progressive, we are reverting to a 19th century materialist attitude where the lower-classes are to be ignored, left unsaved and where they are used for sexual pleasure by the rich.

    I belief the real reason leftist intellectuals and politicians support prostitution and sexual perversion is because it gives them cheap access to under-aged prostitutes, different kinds of sexual perversion and kinks themselves.

    No woman should be allowed to make a ”choice” at a young and vulnerable age, where she is being used by clever and evil men who pretend they give her love, but take advantage of her. I don’t care if these girls are stupid or will derail eventually – any man who uses a girls to his advantages this way should be tortured to death and his head should line the walls of the city, he acted his brutality to convince anyone who wishes to follow of his mistakes.

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