The ugly truth about Islam and homosexuality

By World Last updated: September 14th, 2012


Malaysian teachers are being trained to spot signs of homosexuality

I know Nick Clegg is worked up about the domestic “bigots” who oppose gay marriage. Though I am happy to dance at gay weddings, in our complex and turbulent world it doesn’t seem a major priority. Rather than arguing about something that since the introduction of civil partnerships should not be at the top of the “urgent” pile, Clegg and the rest of us might be better occupied wondering what’s to be done about the foreign “bigots” who want to maim, kill or generally intimidate anyone with homosexual inclinations. Not to speak of their British-based supporters.

The World Service tells us that law enforcement agencies in Iraq are systematically persecuting and murdering gay men and women. It’s thought that numbers run into the hundreds over the past few years. Even the UN has gone so far as to say that state inaction means the Iraqi government is a perpetrator.

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  1. OT – Outrage as Tunisia woman accused after being raped by 2 police officers

    TUNIS — Tunisian civil society groups expressed outrage after a young woman was accused of indecency on Wednesday by two policemen jailed for raping her, amid criticism of the Islamist-led government on women’s rights.

    The woman and her fiance were summoned by a magistrate to face the two policemen, both found guilty of rape and jailed, who accuse her of “indecency,” a group of Tunisian NGOs said. The crime is punishable by six months in prison.

    The interior ministry said the woman and her boyfriend were apprehended by three policemen on September 3, when they were found in an “immoral position.”

    Two policemen then raped her, while the third held the fiance handcuffed. All three policemen were imprisoned.

    The justice ministry said both sides might have broken the law.

    “The crime committed by the two police agents does not rule out the possibility that she was doing something illegal” with her boyfriend, said a source at the ministry.

    The NGOs, including the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women and the Tunisian League of Human Rights, slammed the summons for indecency, which they described as a procedure that “transforms the victim into the accused.”

    It “is designed to frighten and to force her and her fiance to waive their rights,” they added.

    Since the Islamists’ rise to power after last year’s revolution, feminist groups have accused police of regularly harassing women, by challenging them over their clothing or if they go out at night unaccompanied by family members.

    AFP – google news

  2. Malaysian teachers are being taught to spot signs of homosexuality. I suppose this means that all Muslim male teachers have to spend less time sodomizing schoolboys and pay more attention to their pupils’ behaviour in class. Makes sense I suppose.

  3. OT 2 – OT -Clean IT – The EU proposal to stop terrorist sites even more ridiculous than it sounds

    In essence, Clean IT wants to punish you for using the Internet as it was intended. It would require you to use your real name in all online communication. It would punish you for linking to “terrorist content” (whatever that means), and it makes no distinction between linking for educational or malicious purposes.

    It’s a proposed European Commission project that would turn the European Internet into a gigantic surveillance system.

    Leaked Clean IT Document Is Frightening

    on this page :

  4. You won’t convert the militant gays, the ones who march & parade & demand but the larger undeclared group of gays are not stupid. Even though the democrats have fought with them for their rights, they can’t ignore what is going on in other countries. It boils down to a moral decision, just like it does for the pro-democratic Jews, do I support the party or do I support my people. Unfortunately, most people can’t see past the indoctrination of supporting their party to the greater good, at least not until it becomes up close & personal.

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