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3 Replies to “President of Libya: “It was a pre-planed act of terrorism””

  1. The thing is that the vast majority of people don’t scour the internet for “Islamophibic” websites that show this kind of stuff so they will never know what the President of Libya so clearly states, and the media will never show this. As far as they know it was a spontaneous outburst against the film “Innocence of Muslims”, which is what Barrack HUSSEIN Obama keeps saying, and that will be the end of it. The narrative is that this is a reaction to right-wing Islamophobia and that is how it will go down. This is one of those dreams where something is chasing you and you cannot move no matter how hard you try… If I try to explain it to anyone I know, their eyes will glaze over and they will think, “There goes Jones again with his right-wing racist crack-pot theories. Poor guy – what happened to him? He used to be OK…”. If I direct them to this video they will say, “I don’t go to websites like that”. It’s hopeless. I’ve lost most of my friends over this – they are convinced I’ve gone crazy…

  2. @ “Chris Jones” I hear you and I get it, the same thing happened to me. The useful idiots don’t want to hear anything that conflicts with their indoctrinated narrative. They would rather kill the messenger than pull their heads out of their own asses. Being a counter-jihadi can be a lonely business but once you’ve come over to the side of truth, there’s no going back. Keep up the good fight!

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