Observer abused by demonstration leader in Malmö’

According to avpixlat , the Swede was taken into custody for ‘disturbing the public order’. At the end of the video, the perp can be seen holding a speech, unmolested by police.

A man screamed and hissed at Muslims and at least one Muslim tried to kick / beat him. But instead of charging the Muslim with attempted assault, police stopped the hissing man and took charge of him for disturbing the public order.

During the police questioning Muslims were screaming in the background. At the end of the video the microphone is handed to a new speaker on Möllevångstorget [square]. It turns out that this is the same Muslim who earlier tried to kick / beat the hissing man.

H/T Michael Laudahn 

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  1. Police are just following orders from above in the food chain, which ultimately is topped by politicians. If he did his job correctly, he would be in real trouble, with nobody there – in this so-called democracy & state of law – to help him get his rights (no, not the ‘independent’ judiciary either; and forget the MSM). My diagnosis: It’s the non-failsafe system which has gradually been corrupted by those succeeding each other at the top.

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