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3 Replies to “Imadinnerjacket lies his arse off in New York”

  1. I don’t understand why he was not booted out of the UN , then the country the moment he started with his “annihilate Israel” rhetoric. Something is seriously wrong when he’ s allowed to call for the genocide of Jews, year after year. If America had a potus they could respect, imadinnerjacket would be banned from settimg foot in the USA.

  2. I say we steal the rest of their rain clouds then launch an invasion of zionist sharks.

    I’d make a crack about turning them gay with Mossads Pillowbiter 3000 ™ but it looks like Ahmaderpittyderp’s been hit with it already.

    Seriously, no tie at the UN? I thought the gays were supposed to be snappy dressers.

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