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  1. Update to this story :

    Mosque-go! Muscovites rally against Muslim center project



    The city government in Moscow has abandoned its plans to build a Mosque in a suburb of the capital. It follows a day when thousands of people protested against the construction of the centre in the north-west of the Russian capital. The city’s urban planning commission shelved its plans, after the authorities received a large number of complaints from residents.

    The center was intended to accommodate up to 60,000 worshippers during prayers which would broadcast morning prayer course all over the neighborhood. Hundreds of people signed a petition against the project and complained to local officials.

    The Russian capital currently only has four mosques. Plans to construct more places of worship for the 2 million of Muslims, estimated to be living in Moscow, have been discussed by the authorities for a number of years now. But there’s little sign one gets any fresh places to worship any time soon. A similar plan to the Mitino scheme was proposed two years ago in East Moscow – that too had to be abandoned in the face of local opposition.



    Mitino protestors did not have to wait for an October meeting of the local Duma to learn the results of their efforts. By Thursday, Moscow officials had already taken the decision to scrap the Mitino Islamic United Center for Muslim Organizations of Russia, including the mosque. According to RIA Novosti, Moscow government officials admitted that “the decision to abandon construction was taken in connection with the objections of residents in Mitino.”


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