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9 Replies to “muslim protest in Toronto and emergency meeting in Ottawa tonight”

  1. Muslims are the most narcissistic people on earth. “The Innocence of Muslims” is, ostensibly, a cry for help from the Coptic Christians who are facing genocide in Egypt, and the only thing any Muslim seems to be able to say is that his damn religion has been insulted and that his feelings have been hurt. What about the Coptic Christians? Their degree of callousness toward non-Muslims is truly astounding. That is exactly how they will behave toward us when they get the chance.

    When I hear them whining, “Why are you insulting my religion?”, I wish somebody would have the nerve to shout, “Because I hate your religion with all my heart and wish that it would vanish from the face of the earth!”, and here are the reasons why – listed in point form and in alphabetical order. No one who believes in the existence of Allah should be able to as much as visit Canada, let alone move here…

  2. Let there be no mistake about this. This and many other demonstration around the world have nothing and I repeat nothing to do with the pathetic little video called “The Innocence of Muslims”.
    These demonstrations are well choreographed events attacking the western world democracies and the State of Israël. The problem is that the media is simply not doing their job at investigating and reporting the facts behind these hate and often violent demonstrations.
    Again, this has nothing to do with the video in question.

  3. George,

    I actually draw the line at saying that I hate Muslims because that is the word that is used to describe pretty much everybody from the Muslim World. It’s a fine distinction, but there are many Muslims who really don’t mean anybody any harm and don’t even believe in their own religion. Also, there are various sects of Islam that have never produced a terrorist and do not want to, like the Ismailis. Besides, I’ve met a lot of Muslims who are just really nice people, so I do not want to say that I hate them, because I do not. I think that the average Canadian Muslim is OK. I have no desire to hate anybody, but I do hate the religion of Islam and their god and their prophet. I know it’s a tight fit, but it’s how I feel. I wouldn’t treat somebody badly because their name was Mohammed – it’s just not in me. So I do not have a blanket hatred of Muslims, only the religion of Mohammed. Besides, I do not know what is in the minds of people who I do not know…

  4. Chris Jones,
    Where are the socalled moderate moslems, when their islamic leaders tried to destroy our decent western free speech?
    Where are all the socalled moderate islamics, when their islamic leaders institute policies after poilicies to give their own islamic communities special privileges to offend and to dominate unreasonably?
    Even, if you don’t hate moslem people, once you voiced out your hatred for Islam and their god, it is difficult to survive, if you need any of their little, miser help. Hopefully, we nonbeievers do not need them to survive or to have a decent life. Moslems are the ones commonly known to treat nonbelievers badly.I think moslems have no right to damage our nonbelievers quality of life. I also would not discriminate anyone based on their beliefs or names. But We, nonbelievers have a right to protect and defend our nonbelievers right to exist without being swamped by their islamic nonsense.
    Why are the socalled moderate moslems not oppossing discrimination against us nonbelievers. I honestly think that those islamic people are one of the most selfish, most unhelpful, practiced the most double standards, most hypocritical, most abusive and violent and inconsiderate people in the world.

  5. Remember, too, that it is against the law to advocate hatred against any group of people, unless you are a Muslim advocating hatred against white people, Christians, Jews, or Americans of course, which is perfectly legal the world over. I don’t make up the rules, and I wouldn’t want to find myself being marched out of my house in handcuffs for breaking Canada’s hate laws. I wouldn’t want to find myself facing heavy fines and a lifetime ban from using a computer for speaking the truth. As a member of a discriminated-against group, I must be a little bit careful… 🙁

  6. So, are we, nonbelievers not allowed to hate while the moslems continued to spread their subtle and blatant hatred for us nonbelievers? That would be unfair to us nonbelievers. I don’t want what little left of my freedom taken away due to those nasty islamic manipulation.

  7. And yes, we, nonbelievers have to be careful, but I hate the fact that those islamic people with their much boast about islam, had not only caused so much problems in other people countries but also in their own countries.

  8. wlil,

    If either of us were to write a book that contained anything like the religious hatred that the Quran contains, we would be arrested and put in jail for years. The Quran calls for the death of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and all Pagans – which would include Hindus. Imagine if you were to write a book that said, “Oh, Canadians, make not friends with Muslims”, and then went on to gleefully describe all the horrible tortures that were going to be inflicted upon the Unbelievers after our God kills them? For some reason, though, Muslims can read the Quran and even sell it in stores without anyone lifting a finger. One law for them, and another law for the rest of us. Lovely…

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