Rapist held victim as hostage at flat


September 21, 2012

A rapist from Rochdale has been jailed for eight years and six months.

Shahid Raza, 44, from Mikstone, held his victim, 31, hostage at a flat before raping her in February.

A week later he used a Karabiner-like a knuckle duster to threaten the woman and her friend after spotting them walking in Maclure Road.

He grabbed her arm, but after a struggle she managed to pull away and later reported the incident to police.

Raza was arrested, with officers searching his home and seizing a knife.

He was found guilty of two counts of rape, common assault and possession of an offensive weapon at a previous hearing.

Raza was sentenced on Wednesday at Liverpool Crown Court.

He has also been ordered to sign the sex offender’s register for life.

DC Gerard Fisher said: “Raza knew his victim was vulnerable and thought he had a hold over her that allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

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2 Replies to “Rapist held victim as hostage at flat”

  1. Eight years isn’t enough, rape use to be considered murder of the soul and the sentences ranged from live to execution, they should return to that description and sentencing.

  2. After his light sentence he should be deported and banned from the whole of Europe. On second thought, just saw it off and be done with it.

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