Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film

Interestingly, Norway just got its first Muslim cabinet member today. She, Hadia Tajik, happens to have the culture portfolio. Go figure.

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From The Local:

Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film

Radical Islamists convene outside US Embassy in Oslo (Photo: Kyrre Lien/NTB Scanpix)

Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film

Published: 21 Sep 2012 17:06 GMT+02:00
Updated: 21 Sep 2012 17:50 GMT+02:00

Hundreds of Muslim demonstrators gathered in central Oslo on Friday afternoon for a peaceful protest against an anti-Islam film, while some 150 radical Islamists gathered outside the US embassy.

Oslo’s imams were joined in the main protest at Youngstorget by the city’s Conservative Mayor Fabian Stang, and Lutheran Bishop Ole Christian Kvarme.

“With this peaceful protest we want to maintain and strengthen our unity. As believers we understand each other,” said Bishop Kvarme in a speech.

“We’re using our freedom of expression today to show that we need to have respect,” he added.

The head of the Islamic Council Norway also spoke to the crowd in the city centre square.

“We’re here to express our outrage at the violations we’ve seen of the prophet. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression; it’s just plain bullying of Muslims,” he said.

A large number of police officers monitored the second rally at the US embassy, where one person was apprehended.

“This world needs another Osama,” news agency NTB quoted one of the demonstrators as saying outside the embassy.

In Pakistan, deadly clashes flared on Friday as tens of thousands took to the streets , throwing stones and setting buildings ablaze to denounce a US-made film that has fanned global Muslim anger.

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10 Replies to “Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film”

  1. In fact the spokesman said Osama was not radical, he was a muslim that simply stood up for islam, and he said: We are all osama.
    Not surprising to us who knows islam, but so disturbing to the media that they cannot tell the people what was said.
    As you of course can see on the photo, the black flag of Jihad was flying high today.
    The mayor in Oslo also supported the “protest” against freedom of speech. This made a central member of the Progress Party, Christian Tybring Gjedde, sick and pissed.
    As all norwegian truly should have been, if they had any clue of whats going on….

    Sad, sad day for Norway.
    Today, the Regime also appointed a muslim women, Minister of Culture.
    It is unbelievable.. And very alarming.

  2. @ “Sigfadr” A sad say indeed. What will it take to stop people from committing cultural suicide?

    “Spending years studying Islamic teachings and history and partly living in the Middle East has only convinced me of one thing: Islam cannot be reconciled with our way of life. It is incompatible with any civilization worthy of that name, Eastern or Western.”-Fjordman

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