Véronique Genest admits being ‘islamophobe’, like ‘many frenchmen’

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Interrogated on NRJ12 [tv] with regard to a message stigmatising islam posted on her Twitter account, the impersonator of Julie Lescault persists and confirms. ‘If being islamophobe means to be afraid, then I am islamophobe, just as many frenchmen.’ The lapse is signed by Véronique Genest, guest to Vous êtes en direct [roughly: You are live], Jean-Marc Morandini’s daily programme on NRJ 12.

[Image of tweets: Yannick Rivière: The ignorance of the geopolitical facts. You have not replied. Véronique Genest: Islam is dangerous for democracy and proves so every day…]


She got back to one of the tweets published on her personal account, @twiitnana, last 31 august. ‘Islam is dangerous for democracy and proves so every day’, she wrote then. This declaration provoked howls of protest on this micro-blogging site, and especially Mathieu Kassovitz  had climbed the pinnacle, denouncing the ‘zero level’ of the message.   To justify her ‘sortie’,

Véronique Genest is not close to a shortcut. She saw fit to compare, in front of the camera, her fear of islam to her son’s fear of the dark. ‘My son, for example, is afraid of the dark. So, fear can come from two things, either ignorance or experience, of things we see, of a danger we feel.’ Having ‘read the Koran’, the actress therefore thinks that her ‘phobia exists’ because of ‘all we see’, and which ’causes fear’. And clearing herself: ‘I do not detest because I say that I’m afraid!’ Her ‘explanations’ have not convinced the internautes, outraged by her amalgam between islam and the extremists. And Twitter has, again, been the stage of a general outcry. To such a degree that Véronique Genest had to apologise through her account. ‘In order to appease things, and if you prefer so, I reword from the start to everyone. Fundamentalism [instead of islam], of course.’ Maybe she could have said so from the start.

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