European dhimmitude. Caution: This video is nearly homoerotic placating of Muslims for something or other. DO NOT WATCH if this is disturbing to you

I am waiting to find out what is being said in Arabic near the end of this video. The original page is here. 

There is more information about who these people are at that site.

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11 Replies to “European dhimmitude. Caution: This video is nearly homoerotic placating of Muslims for something or other. DO NOT WATCH if this is disturbing to you”

  1. Its only a movie 4FS…. Islam Can NOT have it always all their way. We westerners do make fun of human life so its about time ‘intelligent’ Muslims accept that this is a fact pass it on to their koranimal mates and get over their micro mind mob mentality!!! WE MUST LEARN FROM AND ACCEPT EACH OTHERS WAY with GIVE and TAKE on both sides. .. mind you I don’t want the west to learn the stupidity of rioting the one thing that Muslims seem to be only good at. After all if it wasn’t for the western technology they would still be in filthy rags riding camels in the sandhills.

  2. The Third World sides with Iran against Saudi-Arabia. Iran will likely have nukes. So Saudi-Arabia has bigger problems than some movies. Iran and Saudi-Arabia will destroy each other unless they convert to another religion.

  3. @ “Ron Munro” There is no “give & take” with muslims. Tolerance is a one way street and it’s their way or the highway. They should be conforming to and assimilating to our culture and and our values or they should stay in their middle east hellholes. Instead they demand that we change to suit them. At some point people in the West will simply have had enough and put both the muslims and the government in their rightful places. I can’t wait for that day.

  4. I’ve got nothing to learn from these clowns! WTF? Geeze I don’t consider myself any great oil painting, but by golly gosh there are some extremely ugly men in this clip aren’t there? No wonder they have to capture and force women!

  5. To learn from both sides? Yes, well, we can teach Muslims a lot, but what can they teach us?
    Well, if you want to learn sodomy, rape, telling lies, thieving and how to throw tantrums like a three-year-old with toothache, then Islam can teach you many things.
    Call me old-fashioned but frankly, I’ll pass on all of these.

  6. oogenhand, what makes you believe the House of Saud does not possess weaponry of equal or better value/qty to Iran? The Saud’s may not be manufacturing at the capacity of Iran, but they certainly have the purchasing power to obtain what ever they desire. Given the number of politicians whose hands have been greased to the point of claiming – with a straight face – Saudi Arabia as an ally of Western civilization,(with no access to Mecca by kufr) it’s not difficult to understand why some still think that way.

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