Massive Kudos to Lady Gaga

I really felt I needed to write this.

While so many artists, drunk on their own importance and stoned on overdoses of sanctimony rail on about the US, the plight of women in the US, racism against black people in the only countries in the world where black people have any rights, Lady Gaga did something truly amazing.

Gaga of course, is successful. She has an income which allows her to enjoy any lifestyle she wants I am certain. She has celebrity which gives her status and prestige anywhere she goes. And she gambled it all on a losing bet for principle.

Yes. A bet that is guaranteed to lose, and for principles that really and truly matter.

While so many artists pretend to the moral high ground with fashionable leftism, pretending that the culture is still the counter culture, while railing against a machine that, truth be told, they invented and are now firmly in control of all of us, lady Gaga stood up for women’s rights in the face of the obvious. The one truly massive threat facing all women world wide today.


She is no dope. She knows what happens when you insult Islam’s growing iconography as Islam becomes increasingly sensitive as well as increasingly violent and as it’s reach grows.

But she did it anyway by wearing a see-through burka at a show.

I always admired ‘Lady Gaga’ for her sense of the aesthetic. But now she has earned by deepest respect. And the chances are, the cost of that respect may be as high as a human being can possibly pay.

Thank you Madam. You are that rarest of people. An artist who actually stands up against the prevailing orthodoxy, instead of one who merely pretends to.

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  1. I’m no fan of Lady Ga Ga, and don’t agree with a lot of the things that come out of her mouth, but perhaps having her concert in Indonesia canceled by authorities because of the potential for violent demonstrations against her has awakened her to the problem with IslamoFascism. I assume she is aware of what having a fatwah leveled against her will mean. She is either brave or naive.

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