The Dalai Lama has had it with religion?

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Dalai Lama in Facebook Post: ‘Grounding Ethics in Religion Is No Longer Adequate’

The Dalai Lama, known for being a revered Buddhist leader, issued some ironic commentary about faith and religion earlier this week. On Monday, he took to his Facebook page to make the claim that it may be time for society to “think about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.”

Dalai Lama Writes Message on Facebook About Religion & Ethics

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Considering the Dalai Lama’s prominent faith role, his views are noteworthy. While he admitted that many of the tenets that the world’s diverse faiths share do help individuals to refine their “inner values,” religion may no longer be enough to sustain individuals — and society as a whole — when it comes to ethics and spirituality. He wrote:

All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.

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21 Replies to “The Dalai Lama has had it with religion?”

  1. Nice to see him finally come around.

    Big problem is that people, without religion, can’t find meaning. Take the religion away, and something else ideological and nasty always takes its place. At least with religion its more apparent at face value. The sacred temple of PC we have now is much more pernicious.

  2. “The sacred temple of PC we have now is much more pernicious.”

    I agree, except for islam, PC is more harmful than any religion I’m aware of.

  3. True religion is an inner being not an outside organization or teaching.
    You need to be centred in your soul to be religious. As most contemporary people’s personalities are products of forced, wrongful education (brainwash), their lives are empty.
    To have a meaningful life in harmony with creation, you need to centre yourself in your soul (your core) and live your life from there – I highly recommend it.

  4. Agricola, I’d back you up on everything except employing the term ‘religion’ – there’s true spirituality, communion with God/nature and one’s higher-self, but ‘religion’ is not a term that can survive the human awakening before us; you can’t proceed forth if you try taking it with you. For that matter the very concept of worship is no longer appropriate, it demeans the human to engage in such practices no less so than were we to sacrifice animals and other humans to placate some delirious notion of God. But then, all this is just my 2bit b4 bed, cheers, -g

  5. The Dalai Lama has been spouting warm and fuzzy tosh for years and doing quite well at it. He has said that homosexuality is wrong, then flipflopped on that when he was called out on it, and in this case he’s saying things that mean whatever you want them to mean. Especially if you have no strong grounding in any sort of faith/belief system.

    He may have been a spiritual leader, but for the last few years he’s been a spiritual showman, and his shtick is starting to wear thin. What is he doing for his followers in Tibet? When was the last time he called the Chinese government to task for their treatment of his people?


  6. I think one do not need to find religion to find peace. Peace come from within oneself being at peace with oneself and definitlely not from any religion or from any praying. Anyway, religions should not be forced on anyone.

  7. nilk, it’s huge for the Dalai Lama to put forth those words – that it’s time for us to move forth, beyond religion.

    But that aside, when was the last time that his calling on the Chinese regime would have amounted to anything? I know not and it’s fair to assume neither would you.

  8. Marxism is a religion in all but name, check out any discussion with a Marxism about Marxism, the always end with the Marxist screaming blasphemy and burn the heretic. Granted they doesn’t use the words blasphemy and heretic but that is there meaning.

  9. All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values.

    He needs to get off the “every religion is the same nonsense”, ie the same nonsense spouted by leftists/marxists, to destroy the foundation of the West.

    Dalai Lama should retire to a monastery and speak to his inner self. If he has to speak, he should try to get his message adopted by Chinese communists or Muslims. But of course he wont do that, for he knows exactly what the response is going to be. His message is for Western dupes of the Hollywood type.

  10. When the Dalai Lama began spouting this type of crap, I lost all respect for him.

    the Dalai Lama writes: “Clearly, compassion lies at the heart of the teachings of both Islam and Buddhism, as it also lies at the heart of other great religious traditions.” This, he wrote, should “be grounds for Muslims and Buddhists to overcome any sense of wariness they may feel about each other and develop a fruitful, trusting friendship.”

  11. I think all religions are exploitive and tribal. Religion should be a personal thing and should stay private. but islam tend to publicise their faith because they have this megalomania ambitions to dominate using their islamic faith. Many eastern and asian people tend to force or pressure people to belong to a religion because of their compulsion to want others to believe the same as them, or because of their excessive tribalistic nature, or because they want to dominate via religion, and or because they assume incorrectly that religions would bring better behviour, which on most occasions, it had proved to be false, ie, even with reilgions, one see so many misbehaviours and violence in the asian region and middle eastern region. It is up to people whether they want to belong to a religion community or not, but they should not be forced to believe or forced to depend on any unreliable compassions or any teaching from any religions or religious people.

  12. wlil wrote: I think all religions are exploitive and tribal.

    Again the same generalisation without distinction.

    OK lets go with that.

    All nations are exploitive and tribal.

    All charities are exploitive and tribal.

    All good people are exploitive and tribal.

  13. I did not say all nations or all charities or all good people are exploitive. I only said all religions are exploitive and tribal. This statement may not apply to all western people but this characteristics(of religions being exploitive and tribal) is quite distinctly true, when applied to most people who from asia, africa or middle east region.

  14. In the West it is presently uncommon for religions, with the exception of islam, to prey on vulnerable people, ie people who don’t believe in any religion, but, in many parts of Asia, people who do not believe in any religion are frowned upon by the majority who have a religion or professed to be belonging to a religion or mix of beliefs .

  15. And furthermore my statement with regard all religions are exploitve and tribal is a fact, when applied to most people and most places in the south east asia and middle east region, whether you like it or not. I do not wish to belong to any religion out of no choice and am tired of pandering to religions.

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