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11 Replies to “Protests in Afghanistan burn Obama in effigy”

  1. If they’re burning obama’s effigy at least they know who’s really to blame for this mess. I wouldn’t mind burning a couple myself.

  2. Hilary Clinton was laughing as Gaddaffi was murdered. She gloated over his death, and praised the wonderful Libyan freedom seeking fighters. Well is she laughing now after the brutal murder of Chris Stevens.

    Both Obama and Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for criminal negligence and incompetence.

  3. The anti-islam movement has always considered America as the one nation that is necessary to defeat Islam. But what if America has always been a silent ally of Islam – in fact the ally of the most fanatic branch of Islam – Wahhabbi Saudi Islam.

    The evidence of the past 50 years substantiate that contention. With America now openly supporting alQaeda and the MB, it has moved from a silent supporter to an open supporter.

  4. Protesting at the American Embasy in Kuwait? Are you kidding me?!! These ingrates have the memory of goldfish. Now is the time to let Kuwait and all the rest be overrun and returned to the base and primitive wasteland it was and should still be. Why? Because they deserve it.

  5. DP111 that isn’t going to happen, everyone I talk to says that if Obama is re-elected there will be a civil war, you don’t buy the number of firearms and the amounts of ammo that have been purchased over the last 4 years because you are worried about them being outlawed.

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