Girls, 12, married off in UK

Before I post this article I would like to say something I feel is really very important and simply never gets mentioned or noticed.

In articles like this, even in Western papers and even in papers that understand the issues to a degree, they still use the enemies words. A weapon pointed at ourselves.

This, my dear readers, is in no way marriage.

When Muslims use the word marriage they know perfectly well what it evokes in us. A consensual hopefully loving committed relationship between 2 people capable of granting consent. I am not certain but I suspect that there are adults in mental institutions that probably cannot legally be married in our various systems as they are not legally capable of signing a document. I could be wrong about that but it is universally agreed that a 12 year old is not capable of making critical decisions for themselves that last a lifetime. I do not believe it is legal even for a tattoo parlor to give a child that young a tattoo.

Chanting a few words and exchanging a few dollars or camels is NOT marriage in exactly the same way the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ has exactly nothing to do with freedom and justice but really is about the freedom for them to impose Islamic justice in the form of sharia on everyone else in the world starting with Egypt.

In that spirit, I post this article:

From The SUN UK

Posed by model

Underage … girl (posed by model)

Girls, 12, married off in UK

Published: 10th September 2012

BRITISH Muslim imams are offering to conduct marriages with child brides as young as 12, it was claimed yesterday.

It is feared it could lead to underage sex. An investigator posed as a father wanting to marry off his 12-year-old daughter to an older husband.

Retired imam Abdul Haq, who worships at East London’s Shoreditch Mosque, allegedly told him: “Tell people it’s an engagement but it will be a marriage. In Islam, once the girl reaches puberty parents have the right.

“Nobody should know about this. If she talks in school, social workers will take her. You and I will be in trouble.”

Imam Mohamed Kassamali, of Husaini Islamic Centre in Peterborough, told the investigator he would marry a bride of 12. He allegedly said: “I’d love the girl to go to her husband’s house as soon as possible, the younger the better.”

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3 Replies to “Girls, 12, married off in UK”

  1. Islam has no concept of the western meaning of marriage. The islamic ideology has a, to be polite, fornicating contract (nikah) that is entered into by the female’s “guardian” and the intended adherent of the islamic ideology to be given fornication rights over the female. The female is herded into an islamic male’s personal bordello, to be discarded at his whim – unless, of course, her original “guardian” is just too powerful to him to do that.

    It is offensive in the extreme to re-define the meaning of marriage as we know it in the west to include the islamic fornication contracts. But then again, the secularists are desperate to re-define its meaning to include same-sex partners. So, how do our intellectual elites defend against this. At least it has some connection to the essential purpose of marriage in our society – procreation and binding of the biological parents to their child.

  2. Sick assed pedophiles who deserve to be slaughtered like the criminals they are. I no longer value the lives of these muslim scum anymore than I value the lives of cockroaches. Perhaps even less.

  3. Chrisse fornication contracts is a good description, involuntary sex slavery contracts is a politer way to say it, I use involuntary sex slavery because a Moslem woman can voluntary enslave herself to a man, the man has different rules on how he treats his slaves and his wives.
    the woman also has different rules to follow including much more freedom of dress, with her masters approval of course. I recently read an article about a woman enslaving herself in Egypt.

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