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8 Replies to “The man who was ambassador to Libya from the USA”

  1. I hate to sound callous, but I do love it when a theory meets with reality, harsh although that reality is.
    On the other hand plenty of young American soldiers, and British and French and have been maimed and killed for this particular theory, so maybe there is such a thing as karma after all.

  2. Indeed, there is no point helping or fighting for those muslims savages. It is better those african, middle eastern and asian countries fix their own broken society . No wonder our world is getting more backward with most of the problems and terrorism caused by moslems.

  3. I can’t even put into words the mixed feelings I have. Chris Stevens sounds so full of hope and enthusiasm. I’m sure he had nothing but the best of intentions, but in retrospect, he sounds so naive. I’m also sure that when the embassy was bombed and stormed, he questioned why it was happening. Perhaps he wondered why they were attacking him. Perhaps he felt that all his work had been in vain. We can only speculate, but it is so useless.

  4. One thing for sure, what those moslems savages did was unforgivable. Killing people for no valid reason is a crime against humanity. And those molsems people would continue to deceive the world with their islam and their socalled peaceful mantra.

  5. Anybody else notices the idiosyncratic stressing of words of the muslim in chief, a testimony to the egocentric infatuation with the concept of his own self. As Americans, let us never, ever forget, that this man is responsible for so many deaths of our fellow countrymen at the hands of the muslim cancer.

  6. Stevens sounds like all of the delusional leftist I met in collage, they live in a world where all people and cultures are like them and no one really wants to hurt other people. Reality is now slapping them in the face and they are refusing to accept the idea that we are in a war of survival.

    Obama sounds like the narcissistic AH he is, he will do nothing about what happened because he thinks the US and US citizens deserve anything bad that happens to us.

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