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2 Replies to “Barack Obama! Best president since Jimmy Carter!”

  1. Carter had common sense by the truckload compared to Obama. I didn’t think that Obama could create any more mischief between now and the election but I was wrong. I wonder what else is left in his bag of stupid tricks.
    What’s more worrying is that if he can make disastrous blunders in just a few short months, what can he do with another four years? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

  2. Carter has to be happy Obama was elected, this means he is no longer the worst President the US has ever had.

    He is right the dictators smell weakness and will take advantage, now is the time for them to start wars since Obama has done more damage to the US military in 4 years then the Clintons did in 8. It isn’t as much as Carter did but Carter had the help of Congress for his entire term and took office after Congress started destroying the military during the Ford administration.

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