What all the fuss is about.

I don’t exactly know what is going on in Egypt in terms of the US EMbassy storming as well as Libya but a commenter to Vlad said it was about this film:

There is also an Arabic version of it. And I have no idea what this has to do with the US except that it may have been made in the US and if it was, then this is blackmail of the highest order.

If anyone gives in to these savages now, then its a new dark age for a long fucking time.

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  1. It is a scathing “tribute” to one of the the most vile “religious” “leaders” in history, a tribute to a hoax that has caused millions of deaths. And it is the truth.

    If thin skinned mustards riot & murder over a simple cartoon, then certainly, fatwas will be issued and heads will roll.

    Islam is the gift that keeps on giving, more death & more war & more muslims, and more death & more war& more muslims and ………

    Kudos to the brave souls who produced this fact based satire of the hoax that is known as mo. May they remain safe & productive.

  2. They can’t take a joke, they can’t take any criticism, they can’t take an insult, they can’t take the truth, they can’t take the facts, they can’t stand freedom, they can’t stand “unbelievers”. They can’t stand beauty of any sort.They contribute 3 things to society: death, destruction & breeding. Make that 4 & 5, I forgot rape & pedophilia. They don’t contribute but they excel at the above and taking. Taking what others have worked for and created, taking whatever is of value to them. Basically they contribute nothing useful to any of us. Why do we tolerate this?

  3. The U.S. embassy had put out a statement condemning “misguided individuals who hurt the religious feelings of Muslims or followers of other religions.”
    “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others,” the U.S. embassy said in its statement.

    Oh, yeah, muzzie “religious feelings” should never be “hurt”, even if it’s September 11th.
    Can’t all “infidels” understand how this absurd moronic “respect for religious feelings” helps the medievalist mohammedan scum to destroy the civilization ?
    I’m sick and tired of this suicidal “religious freedom” demagoguery …

  4. Eeyore given the current leadership of most Western nations they are going to give in one more time,

    This movie is going to cause an uproar in all Islamic nations, WWIII is going to heat up much faster and for a different reason they I thought.

  5. Er…. maybe I’ve been living in a cave or something (excuse the rather obvious analogies) but I’ve never heard of this before. Where did this movie trailer come from? This looks brilliant. Where do I get the full movie? This is a glorious insult to Islam that MUST go viral!
    I want a copy. I want it now.!

  6. Google:

    U.S. Missions Stormed in Libya, Egypt
    Film Depicting Prophet Mohamed in Flesh Spurs Rocket Attack in Benghazi; ‘Islam Is a Cancer,’ Filmmaker Says

    From WSJ

  7. Aha, so on July the 2nd someone put a movie trailer on Youtube.
    It took Egyptians two months to decide to protest the movie or, shall we say, to decide what would be their excuse for the demonstration against USA on 9/11.
    Absolutely Brilliant.

  8. @ Katia
    It took them two months to decide because it took two months for it to sink into their tiny brains. We’ve all heard about the brontosaurus who when you poke him in the tail the pain signals take twenty minutes to reach his brain. This is a similar sort of thing and hardened brainwashed Muslims need some time to digest information.
    Islam is all about evolution in reverse. In another twenty or thirty years al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Hezbollah will be growing gills and trying to find water to lay their eggs in.

  9. Wait a minute. CNN as well as other msm reports keep mentioning Dutch involvement with the film in question. I don’t think this is the film that enflamed the wounded ego of the Libyans & Egyptians. An earlier thread discussed the UK Channel 4 documentary which was pulled due to several hundred complaints by people offended by British historian Tom Holland’s exploration of how a new religion – Islam – emerged from the seedbed of the ancient world.
    This historian’s identity, “Holland” could be misinterpretted as “Dutch” – hence, the mention of Dutch element flaring the Muslim hoards in Libya and Egypt.

  10. “The film’s 52-year-old writer, director and producer, Sam Bacile, said that he wanted to showcase his view of Islam as a hateful religion. “Islam is a cancer,” he said in a telephone interview from his home. “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

    Kudos to you sir and props to the inimitable Terry Jones.

  11. Katia: Its called, ‘Days of Rage’. The Muslim Brotherhood will grab an excuse just like Karzai did for the same reasons in Afghanistan last year, and whip up hatred and homicidal rage over whatever and get people to kill and loot and burn. The OIC and the Ikhwan have explained it all very clearly in their literature. We just don’t bother to look. Watch the Stephen Coughlin videos I posted some time ago. http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=52217 and you will be able to predict these events.

  12. Eeyore you are spot on. I just looked at an article


    That’s no religious leader egging them on in the picture. That’s a muslim brotherhood agitator.

    They are using this as extortion, they will come at us with demands. more money and less aid for Israel etc.

    and you know what, this IS ALL Obamas fault. You NEVER show weakness to an Arab.

    Like all fascists Islamists think like predators. If they smell weakness they just get worse.

    They go on and on and on about how angry they are at not being shown respect.

    But what nobody aside from animal behaviorists seems to understand is that showing respect is an expression of weakness and fear of a superior, not an expression of admiration between equals. Westerners mean regard for the feelings of an equal but muslims mean it to be submision before a superior,


  13. Is Sam Bacile’s “innocence of muslims” just a trailer or an actual movie? As myself and others are interested in getting hold of a copy.

  14. With some luck we will have another major terrorist attack in the UK or the Netherlands and that woill result in a harsher attitude towards Muslims. We need to work to spread the awareness of anti-Islam films further in the Middle East, every terrorist attack that succeeds is a bonus too the west because they make use stronger and cause use to unite.

  15. Hilarious movie
    Comical stuff
    Time to bring out the big artillery, funny thing is, if all the islamics were bombed off the face of this planet, guess what, they wouldn\t be missed

    no contributions to this planet,

  16. It turs out there is no sam basile. NPR found that theres no licenses, phones, property or court records connected to that name.

    An associate told AP, who sent him on to NPR, that the name is a pseudonym, he isn’t jewish or israeli BUT IS MIDDLE EASTERN

    So according to NPR this movie was made by a MUSLIM.

    Does anyone know what the Reichstag fire was? I suggest you all read up on it.

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