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10 Replies to “Pakistan retarded girl framed for ‘blasphemy’ freed on bail”

  1. Freed on bail?

    Unless she has first class security, she is as good as dead. This tactic of Muslim governments when under pressure, is quite common. They know that the mob or a couple of Islamic fanatics, will exact “justice, while the authorities get off scott free.
    Everyone satisfied.


  2. bring on those paki immigrants and refugees, and add a few more extremist sikhs so they can all run for political office at all three levels and have a voice in brining in their backward policies to change our great democracy to make it more like their a=hole countries of origin

  3. Like the subject of the Taliban, the subject of Pakistan is one of my favorite soapbox rages. Get me going on this and I find it difficult to stop, but I’m in the mood for a bit of a rant, so here goes:

    Pakistan should never have been formed. It is a rogue state who’s sovereignty should be returned to India forthwith. Far from being the ‘land of the pure’, it is nothing but a sewer, a festering blot on any World map. It is corrupt, it’s government are untrustworthy slimeballs and it is not a ‘proper’ country. Pakistan like it’s estranged sister Bangladesh should be closed down and its windows boarded up and a great big ‘out of order’ sign strapped to it!
    This is an example of what happens when Islam takes control of an area of land, it all goes badly, badly wrong.
    Please give Pakistan back to India but make sure it is scrubbed and disinfected first!

  4. I dont think Hindus will like the idea of 150m more Muslims in India. Add 200m from Bangladesh, and India will become a Muslim country.

    This is kind of solution is advocated by quite a few imams in Pakistan.

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