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7 Replies to “PRESS TV clip on protest by immigrants about nationalist thuggery. Or is it…”

  1. I like how the Muslims are complaining about ‘neo-Nazis’ as they call them. What’s wrong Muslims, don’t you like neo-Nazis? Are they too much competition for you ‘old Nazis?’
    Along with Hitler the Muslims defined the word Nazism.

  2. These things can do anything they like to Christians in their Third World Hellholes, but when they are at the receiving end it is racism. I must have missed the memo.

  3. Whine whine bloody whine! No one is listening to you arseholes, you’ve cried wolf far to often. Do us a favour and fuck off! Koranimals, who needs them?

  4. If I lived in Athens I would join Golden Dawn. Why do they have to live like pigs in sh#t?? It is part of their contempt and hatred, not only for the kuffar but for themselves!

  5. I hope they use whatever means necessary to kick the colonists out of their country. I spit on their protest, they have no rights and should go back to their muslims paradises.

  6. Funny how they are chanting “Pakistan, pakistan” but the eidiots live in Greece. If pakistan is so great why are they in Greece?

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