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8 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews Reza Khalili ‘Don’t underestimate Iran’”

  1. The traitor-in-chief refused to act when the iranian people were ready to rise up. He sacrificed them instead. He has pampered the mullahs while they develop nuclear weapons. We need to remove the traitor-in-chief so we can remove the mullahs. I’m disgusted at his lack of action and his lack of support for Israel. History will remember him as a narcissistic, coward & traitor and so will I.

  2. Call me old-fashioned but if a country threatens to attack another country’s military bases and makes other unveiled threats to that country, is this not a declaration of war?
    During World War 1, we were at war with Germany… and we knew it. During World War 2, we were at war with Germany and Japan and we knew it.
    The United States is at war with Iran, but due to years of moral relativism and other such claptrap, they just don’t know it!

  3. You are right Bob, and the left is showing its racism by taking the attitude that Iran isn’t intelligent enough to build a nuclear weapon. They are also showing their ignorance of religion by thinking that there is no religion aspect to this war, their stupidity and ignorance as well as their attempts to take over the world are going to lengthen the war and vastly increase the causality lists.

  4. I think to underestimate Iran is right. What has this country ever done? This is just more propaganda to make them into the big bad Iranians. Sure Iran can support terrorist like Hamas but these so called terrorists are incompetent against Isreal. Iran is just a complete loser country. I think if Isreal takes out the nukes that is certainly good. But actually I am for the opinion that if Iran has nukes they will not use them despite all their bluster. Bluster is all I have ever seen from these losers. I could be wrong though but…. I am just going by what I have seen since the Islamic revolution and that is is economic failure and bluster. However, to be on the safe side I would certainly strike at their nuclear sites in a wave of three attacks to make sure they are completely destroyed.

  5. Iran certainly seems to need a lot of help in building these nukes. The Russians helped the inbreeds and now I hear the North Koreans are doing the same. The Jews did the math for the bomb thanks to Einstein and a Jewish man called Oppenheimer built the first nuke and it was used in 1945. These inbreeds are still trying to build something that was done along time ago.

  6. Don they will use the nukes, Ahmadinejad and Kamanhi (sp) are members of the sect that thinks there must be hell on earth before the Mahdi returns, they also think they are here to bring back the Mahdi. They are true believers who will destroy everyone and think to bring back the Mahdi.

  7. Richard:

    Yeah its the ultimate, ‘boy trapped down the well’ con game except they believe it to the extent that they feel that starting a nuclear war and committing genocide is worth it if the little fucker climbs out.

  8. That they do, they don’t care if Iran is destroyed if the Mahdi comes back, that is why they are buying all the help they can to get nukes to start the war. The big problem is that the war and possibly the nukes won’t stay confined to the middle east, it will spread to all nations.

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