Update on Danish first-aid assault:

Translation by Michael Laudahn

From Ekstrabladet:

Raging thugs ran past shooting victim / 60 – 70 youngsters began smashing the first-aid ward when they couldn’t find the shooting victim

Police took no chances in front of Odense court today, where three individuals were presented for constitutional interrogation [‘fremstillet i grundlovsforhør’; danish legal term] for attempted manslaughter and riot at the OUH [Odense Universitetshospital above]

See the men’s route through the first-aid ward on the map of Akut- og Traumecentret above. They split in two groups, then went straight and to the left (the red arrows). The shooting victim lay in room 1 (the [marked] number 1 to the left on the map).

Frightened nurses and patients became the closest witnesses of the raging mob of 60 – 70 young men, who stormed the first-aid ward at Odense Universitetshospital, monday night during a revenge-filled hunt for the 26-year old shooting victim who had been shot on the square in Vollsmose [Odense mohammedan ghetto], shortly before.

They shouted at the nurses that it wasn’t them they were out after, and when they didn’t find their victim, they started to rip pictures from the wall, smash vases and destroy the inventory with clubs in a real raging inferno, while hospital staff fled.

But what they didn’t know was that they just had run past their shooting victim, who continued to lie in room 1 of the first-aid section.

‘The person in question was in his room. He was waiting to be transported to the main buidling, but then came these young people raising hell, so he was held back at his room until it was all over. Then, he was moved’, explains hopspital director Jane Kraglund to ekstrabladet.dk.

The vandalising youngsters were in the ward for about ten minutes, where they spread fear and destruction, until they disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived.

There is evidence that the whole matter is about internal disagreements among two groups of arab origin. Police have not disclosed yet what they think is the motive for the shooting episode and the unusual raging at the first-aid ward.

But during the constitutional interrogation this morning of a 26-year old man, who is charged for attempted manslaughter of the shooting victim, became evident that there were shouts before the shots, ‘It’s him who stabbed your uncle. Shoot him. Stake him’, when he saw the [later] victim at the crime scene.



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10 Replies to “Update on Danish first-aid assault:”

  1. Quote:
    The vandalising youngsters were in the ward for about ten minutes, where they spread fear and destruction, until they disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived.

    razzia, razzia, RAZZIA!
    It happens so fast that the victims can deceive themselves that nothing happened.
    Islam is profane.

  2. If they are not punished appropriately it will reinforce their belief that they are entitled as muslims to behave like this any time they wish. The police & government are conditioning their future behavior, I hope they’re thinking about that when they make decisions or they will pay a horrendous price in the near future.

  3. Somalia here we come.

    We need more Somalis to take care of such events, as they have enormous experience in such situations.

  4. This type of Muslim mobs roaming through hospital wards or units, looking to finish off the victim, is becoming quite common.

    When a place like a hospital, is not safe for a hospitalised/injured victim, then you know that Anarchy is not far away. This is a normal outcome, when the elite of a society has let in millions of barbarians.

    And that is why, “Somalia, here we come”.

  5. Anything that speaks arab or middle eastern should be deported! this is what happens when multiculturism is let into a country where the main intake is mustards

  6. As the guy in the video “Two Muslim Arab gentlemen actually notice the facts” said, “We do not even realize we are backward.” How can a productive civilization grow when the citizens are ruled by infantile emotions? How can a civilization maintain itself when it imports people ruled by infantile emotions?

  7. @Richard That may be so and there maybe a lot out there that are against islam but isnt that where multiculturism started and then the rest of the screaming mustards followed?

  8. Yes and no, Robert Spence and Danial Pipes are fluent in Arabic and both are very much anti-Islam, and the US military teaches Arabic in their language schools so there are translators to help the officers. Then there are the Christians from the Middle East, Arabic is their native tongue but most are anti-Islam. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

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