UK’s 20 most-wanted tax cheats & the top 6 are muslim

The £765m tax fugitives

most-wanted list of 20 alleged tax-dodgers

THESE are Britain’s 20 most-wanted tax cheats — pictured today in an unprecedented rogues gallery.

HM Revenue and Customs released the FBI-style list of fugitives who have fleeced taxpayers out of more than £765MILLION and called on hard-working Brits to help find them.

The crooks all went on the run after being charged or during their trial.

tax cheats

20 most-wanted … tax cheats

Worst offender is smuggler Hussain Asad Chohan, thought to have fled to Dubai after a £200million fraud.

He was tried in his absence in Birmingham and given 11 years.

Number two on the list is £156million VAT fraudster Nasser Ahmed.

He was sentenced at Bristol in his absence to six years and is believed hiding in Pakistan or Dubai.

Each is accused of fleeing the country while owing the Government millions of pounds.

It is the first time such a list has been published, as the Revenue bids to crack-down on tax cheats.

Exchequer secretary David Gauke, said: “The government is absolutely committed to tackling tax evasion and fraud.

“These criminals have collectively cost the taxpayer over £765m and HMRC will pursue them relentlessly.

“We hope that publishing their pictures in this way will enable members of the public to contribute to the effort to catch them.”

The photos have been published on HMRC’s flickr channel.

The 19 men and one woman include those who have been found guilty in their absence of crimes such as fraud, money laundering and smuggling.

Some of the alleged cheats are those who face a warrant for their arrest, but have yet to stand trial.

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  1. Only the Top six are muzzies?? take another look at the Photo’s,…how many out of the 20.are muzzies?? my guess is more than half,two-thirds maybe.??

  2. Common sence – there’s only one re-tard and thats YOU,if you have no evidence of any of these People being Christians or any other Religion,then do not dismiss them,i to have neither,but my butt instincts tell me different that THEY ARE!!,whats wrong with you ??? don’t you like the sharia Rule of,..”Yes they are Guilty”,or is it too much for you to take on board that they might have a voice before a Trial,they certainly don’t come from my part of the in the intrests of Saftey,i’ll go with my Gutt Feelings.!!

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