Syrian ‘rebels’ throw the bodies of murdered postal employees off the roof in Alepo Syria

Here is a link to the video. I did not want to post the video directly here. Its too harsh even for Vlad.

The story is from RT:

A horrific amateur video appeared on YouTube, apparently showing an atrocity against public service workers in Syria. The footage displays a crowd of people callously throwing the bodies of slain postal workers from a post office rooftop.

­The video, the source of which could not be independently verified, shows several dozen people having surrounded the staircase of the building, some of them chanting “Allahu Akbar!” They watch corpses being thrown out and rolled down the steps.

Also, several people have got to the roof and are throwing down the apparently dead bodies of post servants.

As they hit the ground, the crowd rushes in to catch the appalling images on their mobile phones.

The video caused online outrage and heated debates on Twitter as to who the people committing the atrocity might be. The majority allege they are Free Syrian Army supporters who intentionally target civil servants backing the regime.

 The rest can be seen at the RT site

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