No man’s land: Women-only city planned for Saudi Arabia to allow more and more females to pursue a career

Anyone want to make odds on whether this project is actually done? It seems logistically impossible. After all, who is going to allow their wives or daughters to move to a city where they cannot be accessed at the whimsical demands of their male owners? Not to mention that there will be constant jobs in a city that no women there are trained to do.

This has to be a Saudi fiction to appease some conditions the US has put on them for diplomatic relations. Like the claim they will let women drive etc.

Daily Mail:

By David Baker

PUBLISHED: 18:52 GMT, 11 August 2012 | UPDATED: 18:52 GMT, 11 August 2012

Saudi Arabia is planning to build a new city exclusively for women as it bids to combine strict Sharia law and career minded females, pursuing work.

It is thought the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) has been asked to bring the country up to date with the rest of the modern world with the controversial city, which is now being designed with construction to begin next year.

It is hoped it will allow women’s desire to work without defying the country’s Islamic laws.

Mono-city: A women only city is set to be built in Saudi Arabia to allow women to pursue a careerMono-city: A women only city is set to be built in Saudi Arabia to allow women to pursue a career

The municipality in the Eastern city of Hafuf is expected to attract 500 million riyals (£84m) in investments and it will create around 5,000 jobs in the textiles, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries.

There will be women-run firms and production lines for women.

Although Saudi Sharia law does not prohibit women to work figures show that only 15 per cent of women are represented in the workforce.

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10 Replies to “No man’s land: Women-only city planned for Saudi Arabia to allow more and more females to pursue a career”

  1. This is a great ideal if they build it. If women become indispensable to the economy the patriarch apes will not be able to turn back the clock.

    I’ve read that women had higher status in prehistoric societies that practiced horticulture, but were relegated to a lesser status when agriculture came about (that & widespread tribal warfare).

    Families are pretty defensive about their economic well being for the most part.

    Women are making progress in Saudi Arabia. the question is will it be large enough soon enough to make a difference for Muslim women in Saudi Arabia specifically, Muslim women generally or non Muslims. Or do we have to go thru WW3?

    I believe that the fighting in Libya & Syria is analogous to the Balkans wars of 1912- 1913 that proceeded the Great War.

    The Balkans was the cockpit of Europe then & the Middle East is the cockpit of the World now. There was a whole system for alliance around the small Balkan countries that involved all the European great powers. Who is not involved in Syria now?

  2. The islamic and islamic women are always fighting for higher status, and then boast about their islamic status and then the islamic men and islamic women would start bullying any disadvantaged nonbelievers. Moslems women are an arrogant lot, same as their moslems men counterpart, who tend to disregard us disadvantaged
    nonbelievers whenever they have high status. Let the moslems men and moslems women fight among themselves for higher status.

  3. Anyway, what is new? Those moslems women would in the end boast about their high status in islam. And we nonbelievers are still not allowed to criticised their islam because of their high status. And ignorant nonbelievers who have never seen the bad side of islam would continued to be misled by moslem poeple. Everything those moslems do is for furtherance of their totalitarian islamic agenda.

  4. Will you are correct. Many Islamic women wearing burkhas do boast of their higher status. But, if professional women in Islamic countries do have the average family size & are more satisfied with the lives, maybe this subset’s ethic might rub off on others.

    It is hateful to see women of upper class families afforded a degree because of their wealth & social position speak out, but in Islamic countries they can only speak out because of family connections. Any poor or middle class women are put out there as mouth pieces.

    In my view the status of Islamic women are no different than the women of migration Period Europe. That is a woman is worth dirt. she is worth dirt until she start breeding a war band & her worth is increased if her sons are might y warriors and/or numerous. Her worth is proportionate to exactly that. It was not based on her work, knowledge or morality. It was based on War.


  5. WLIL

    For the most part unless Islam is defeated or undergoes beneficial change, I believe Islam will ameliorate or tear itself apart & the world too. But that means that the rest of the world will have to be subjugate or dead. Not a fun time to live. In Syria I am hoping for a draw where Sunni & Shia spend their money & gold against each other so they leave us alone.

  6. I doubt if this will happen. Who will police them to make sure that they are not “sinning?” Will there be a morality police force of women only? What about children, or will this city be only for unmarried childless women? What about widowed or divorced women with children who would like to work? And these children (if there re any), if they are boys, at what age will they have to leave the city? Too many “what ifs.”

  7. Couper,

    I base part of my judgement on the recent video of the man harassing the woman at a mall in Saudi Arabia,who was covered but unescorted. He got the police involved because his sense of morality was violated (poor thang!). The police did not take his side.They considered him a kook that they somewhat placated & did nothing or they did not enforce the law because the woman might belong to a connected family. It could be disinformation agitprop (not likely).

    the problem is to know which trends are going which way & with what momentum. That even captured on video might be a brief rainstorm in an expanding desert.

  8. “For the most part unless Islam is defeated or undergoes beneficial change, I believe Islam will ameliorate or tear itself apart & the world too. ”
    Very true. This is what is happening here and I welcome it. Throwing money away on projects like this is insanity. The Saudis need to get their economic act together as the oil runs out so they come up with insane throw your money down a hole ideas like this. Excellent. They have tried all sorts of ideas with regards to generating money other than through oil but they have all failed. The economy is totally dependent on oil and that means no room to move when it runs out. This project in Hafuf is just plain stupid. They are also planning science cities as if they know any science apart from Koranic science. Too much money (for now) and not enough sense.

  9. A “female only environment” could also provide a small but welcome opportunity for escape from a bad marriage, an unwanted arranged marriage, threat of honor killing via opportunity for a Harriet Tubman style underground railway for escape with the aid of sympathetic insider(s).

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