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7 Replies to “Mujahadeen vow to make Syria a sharia state, now that they feel they have conquered it”

  1. yup, thats all we need now, that doochbag hilary will drag Canada into supporting a no fly zone, and help the extremists take over yet another cunt tree, filled with psychotic islamics pigs….

    Whats the rush to help the syrians, and others that turned out to be just a push to get the islamic brotherhood sharia in power throughout the entire region….

    Millions more people are suffering
    Baird, why not go to some other regions you fucking idiot….
    People are dying all over Africa and I don’t see you supporting those refugees,

    Planning on bringing in new legislation to accept lots more islamic terrorists, so they can get jobs in CSIS, like they have in the past…..

  2. I don’t know how much time we have before Israel is forced to attack Iran, personally I think all hell is going to break lose then.

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