Democracy in Action? Egyptian Court Orders Newspaper Critical of Islamist Pres. Morsi Confiscated

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The Blaze:

Egyptian Court Orders Newspaper Critical of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi Confiscated | Owned by Christian Businessman

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(The Blaze/AP) — An Egyptian court has ordered the Saturday editions of a newspaper confiscated over allegations that it insulted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi and instigated sectarian discord, Egypt’s official news agency said.

Editions of Al-Dustour, a privately owned daily, were seized after several individuals filed lawsuits accusing it of “fueling sedition” and “harming the president through phrases and wording punishable by law,” MENA reported.

It was not clear whether the paper was barred from publishing completely, but the Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm said authorities have removed al-Dustour from newsstands.

Owned by a Christian businessman, the paper has been fiercely critical of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood while showing strong support for the military council, which took power after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in last year’s uprising.

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Saturday’s edition featured a lengthy front-page article warning of a Brotherhood “emirate” seizing Egypt while calling on Egyptians to join ranks with the military to confront Islamists.

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