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5 Replies to “Two girls throw pigs legs onto site of proposed mosque. CAIR causes red lights to blink over at Richter centre”

  1. The Religion of the Perpetually Thin-Skinned

    Pig body parts strewn about = big problem
    Human body parts strewn about = not a problem

  2. Please help this ignorant infidel to understand. You can behead your imagined enemy, behead your own daughters because they don’t like incest and won’t marry their first cousins, beat the shit out of your wife, have temporary wives, have dancing boys in Afganistan yet condemn homosexuality, can have butt sex so that a bomb can fit up your ass, marry a 6 year old and consumate it when she is 9 just like the prophet, and the only problem is pigs feet on a vacant lot. We should all have such worries

  3. Happy pig eating day to all the psycho islamic extremists…..
    People should pin bacon strips to themselves in honor of the events of rama for the damed…. bacon strip boutineers

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