Mustards unhappy with new French government they picked.

Ever see a headline that said, ‘Muslims satisfied with xxxx?’

Didn’t think so.

Note to Canadian politicians. If you think you can curry favour with the Muslims for their votes it is a curry that bites back. Best to stick to selling Western values and defending them. It may be harder, but it has long term advantage.

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5 Replies to “Mustards unhappy with new French government they picked.”

  1. ‘self-determination’ seems to be a strange word to use when your supposed to be part of one nation.

    As a side note I was at a supermarket yesterday and I saw a muslim lady feeding her toddler a block of butter (the toddler had already bitten through the wrapper and the lady took part of the wrapper out the child’s mouth and then gave the butter back…..I kid you not) and a glazed doughnut. With a diet like that we may not have to worry!

  2. Mahoundian gratitude… From shias in Iraq, it lasted a few weeks after Saddam Hussein was sent running into his rat-hole. From the Arabs living in that patch of Dar al-Mahoundistan known as Kuwait, gratitude to the Americans who got that land back into the hands of their rulers also didn’t last long. Think of how Porkistanis show their “gratitude” for the billions of dollars given to them by the US, of how Afghans are so “pro-American” for the toppling of the Taliban government after 9/11…

    Bending over and taking it like a prison bitch from mahoundians, as far as the goodwill of those inbred savages is concerned, will never make a difference to any leader of any civilized country, so long as the laws and culture which have made a country civilized haven’t been replaced with sharia and islam… So that the whole place can start to look and feel a lot more like Mogadishu, the perfect model of what a sharia paradise will always be like.

  3. Islamic values are very deceptive and two faced and islamic goveenments only favour the socalled elites only or their own islamic tribes. That is why most parts of predominant islamic countires are rundown or more slum like after only a few years of socalled development.

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