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2 Replies to “Interesting analysis of culture and increased public violence”

  1. The first vid was interesting, but I don’t know that I agree with all of it. Traditional marriage isn’t necessary if there is a commitment between the man and woman before having children,. It’s more about personal responsibility and vowing to be responsible for any progeny and their upbringing.

    I agree that there is a lack of shame in today’s culture , along with an extreme lack of manners and dignity in general. Just take a look around and listen for a while and it becomes abundantly clear. I blame this on a lack of adequate parenting.

    There is also a lack of discipline beginning in the school years for which you can thank the bleeding heart lefties. It has been the basis of a lot of the mess we’re stuck with today.

    Add it all up and you have what appears to be a bunch of irresponsible, selfish, entitled, and sometimes violent trailer trash ( no offense to the decent trailer dwellers but I need a visual) rejects, running rampant on society and sucking it dry.

  2. Traditional morality either evolved over the whole of history to become what was the best chance of survival for society as a whole and the individuals, or it was decreed by God. Either way we need to think long and hard before we do any further damage to what was a societal survival system.

    The left has always been the home of intolerance, unfortunately way too many people refuse to believe this.

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