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5 Replies to “The White Rose (Weiße Rose) Resurrected: Marc Doll – “National Socialism, a Movement of the Left””

  1. Originally this left right nonsense was bogus rhetorical propoganda cooked up by Stalin around WWII to differentiate the Soviets from the Nazis, because there was no actual difference between the two systems and no difference between how each treated the individual.

    When the new fascists and their allies accuse people of being “right wing” or “far right” they are really calling them Nazis. In doing this they are using tired old Soviet rhetoric.

  2. The original White Rose was a small group of students who worked to oppose Hitler. They made and disseminated leaflets in 1942-1943 before being arrested by the Nazis.

    (from wikipedia) The six most recognized members of the group were arrested by the Gestapo and beheaded in 1943.

    Same methods same enemy.

  3. I listened to every word and he’s absolutely correct. His analogy about the left being today’s nazis is bang on, right down to tactics used to silence free speech.

    Good for him, resurrecting the White Rose Society, I am convinced that the only thing that will stop the onslaught of islamization is the “resistance
    (counter-jihad) because our traitorous politicians have chosen to play dumb.

    If you are interested in the last 6 days of the White Rose Society and Sophie Scholl go to:

  4. “This is interesting” It raises my hair, guess I find it interesting, too. There is still one living member of the old White Rose around, guess she knows exactly what she did when joining the new White Rose. And they are right, it’s already pretty late.

  5. Sohnes, I know people who remember WWII and the holocaust and they are all extremely alarmed about what’s happening in Europe and the Middle East. They all say it’s ramping up the same way it did back then.

    I hope people will listen to someone who lived through it.

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