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Olympics has net negative effect on London economy.

  • Games have pulled 100,000 foreign tourists into the capital, much lower than the 300,000 expected in a typical summer
  • Leading London attractions see visitor numbers fall by 35 per cent
  • Hotel bookings in London ‘very substantially down’
  • Businesses near sailing venues in Weymouth and Portland say this year’s summer tourist season is the worst in half a century

Robert Vaughan in conversation with Salim Mansur July 28 2012  

I haven’t watched this yet but Salim is generally pretty good.

Issue of forced conversion to Islam a problem in Pakistan and on TV

Some French fight to save churches

Anonymous hacks union website much to the chagrin and annoyance of Anonymous.

I love this story. But what would a bunch of faceless vigilantes expect?

Front Page Mag analysis on terror attack attempt against the EDL



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