Bathroom ban: Taxi drivers raise stink at Toronto island airport

S**T (properly) OR GET OFF THE POT

Hey I have an idea as to how to solve this problem. Seeing as how they are already at the airport and all…

Found through Blazing Cat Fur:

Toronto Star

Published on Monday July 30, 2012

BERNARD WEIL/TORONTO STARTwo portable toilets sit under a weeping willow at the end of a long line of taxis at the passenger building across the water from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Taxi drivers have been banned from using the washrooms, which have frequently been left a mess. The president of iTaxiWorkers says it isn’t the drivers making the mess and they feel insulted at having to use portable washrooms in the parking lot.
Karissa Donkin
Staff Reporter


A messy dispute about untidy washrooms has left some taxi drivers in the city feeling insulted and isolated.

And that could spell trouble for passengers.

The Toronto Port Authority has banned cabbies from the passenger building at the foot of Bathurst St., across the water from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. As a result, drivers feel they are being segregated from the public, says the president of iTaxiworkers Association.

“I have heard of a few drivers (who say) they’re not going back to the airport if they treat us like this,” said Sajid Mughal, who represents about 750 cabbies in the city.

The Toronto Port Authority alleges taxi drivers are responsible for making a mess in the passenger building’s washrooms, while drivers say there’s no proof they’re the culprits.

About 50 cabbies are lined up at any given time to pick up passengers from the downtown airport.

Because they can’t go inside the passenger building, drivers must use two portable washrooms set up outside.

“It’s embarrassing,” taxi driver Asafo Addai said Monday.

“This perception that we are not worthy of going to the washroom is not right, especially in the 21st century.”

On July 16, drivers received a memo from Toronto Port Authority ground services manager Antonella Tarantino as a “final warning” about messy washrooms.

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11 Replies to “Bathroom ban: Taxi drivers raise stink at Toronto island airport”

  1. When I was in a kibbutz in Israel some years ago, there were some arab workers; for some reason they did not know how to use a toilet and would stand on the seats, with predictable results. Now, I believe it is deliberate, part of their civilisational jihad.

  2. Muslims are notorious “squat pissers.” Not only do muslim males squat to defecate, but also when they take a wizz too. Islam has some strange ritual requirements on maintaining ritual purity before they can pray, which they do 5 times a day. After relieving themselves, they must perform wudu by cleaning their anus with pure water (no soap) and their bare left hand. When they pee, males must wash their penises with water too. If they so much as fart before prayers, it breaks their ritual purity (wudu), and therefore they must wash their butts with water and left hand again. I have long said islam is the perfect faith for those suffering from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.

    When I was in Iraq, the portajohns were littered with empty to partially empty water bottles, and footprints on the tank where they squat over the toilet seat. Sometimes they wouldn’t bother with the squatting over the seat and just defecate on top of the tank. Muslims have nasty hygene habits (if you could even call it hygene), and to hell with P/C norms, this airport is correct to ban them from their restrooms because it is a health hazzard for non-muslims to allow them access. Nor should we spend our tax revenues to accomidate these paleolithic cretins either.

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” INTEGRATE!!

    (on second thought, They never will. They intend to integrate us.)

    “Lan Astaslem!”

  3. Then those left hands that have cleaned their anuses with just water touch everything and spread e-coli wherever they go, spreading potential disease. And you wonder why there are so may food borne illnesses these days. Disgusting pigs.

  4. @Pigs: That is true. Dysentery too. You never want to shake their hand either when you consider how many times during the course of the day a person handles objects and switches the hand they hold the object/objects in.

    The muslim notion of ritual purity is in reality, bacterial and viral contamination.

    Nasty, smelly people they are.

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